Just wanna be a child again..

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    I don't like knowing. I don't like understanding. I don't like realising my fate. I don't like being able to think into the future, and see what awaits me. I don't want to be able to see my life, and being able to compare it, to see what I lack.

    I wish to be a child again, free of worry and care, with the future not existing. Every day is just now, and it is neverchanging. You don't question people, or yourself, you don't see people as idiots, you don't see yourself as an idiot, and, best of all, you don't notice your unhappiness; you're too caught up in whatever new and exciting thing is going on. Perhaps it's your favourite superhero TV show.

    Fuckit, just let me be a little child for ever. Even if it's all in my mind, I don't want this. I can't handle it, I can't deal with it, I'm not prepared for it. Adulthood will not be fun, it'll be full of worries, and there is no support, there is no safety net. You fuck up, you're done for, and you will be keenly aware of it.

    I'd cry out that it's "unfair".. but that'd just be childish.
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    I can understand perfectly in may im turnign 18, not quite exicited yet, seems to weird.