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    okay, so i was sexually abused when i was younger, and then molested when i was 16 by a 25 year old guy. so all of my memories of sexual contact are bad ones. i didn't choose any of them. i dated this guy last year for like four months, but we didn't even kiss. we held hands once, and that was it. but when i went to university, we decided to take a break, so we're technically not together anymore. but we've still been talking to each other because we both like each other. i was planning on going over to his house while i'm back for break and we were going to fool around a bit. not sex, just making out and stuff. i feel kind of guilty, because i know my parents wouldn't approve, but they don't know that i've been abused. i just want some good memories. i want to choose to be touched, not have someone else take the choice from me. i want to like the guy that i'm with. is it really wrong to have a casual makeout session?..........
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    It's not wrong at all, in fact it's right. You obviously want to do it, so go for it, providing this guy cares about you and you feel comfortable doing it, then nothing else matters.

    Enjoy yourself :)
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    We learn about the differences by comparison. If you do not know what is casual relations then how would you know when it's the true one?