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    Hello, everyone. It has been a while since I last posted in a forum. I have been feeling suicidal and depressed for a long time and in that duration I have also been thinking deeply about life as a whole. First, I understand that life is unfair and some people have it so good in terms of life quality and some people's life is nothing but torments daily. Second, I understand that this world is not for everyone to be happy and prosper. It just is not possible for a world of 7 billion people. Third, I really don't see the point in keep enduring and making the most of life if I never liked living, enjoyed living or felt life is worth living.
    Some people say suicide is selfish because of its devastating effects on their family and close ones. However, not a day goes by without wishing I were dead already. I already gave up on marriage, raising kids, having a house and living long. I also have nothing against happy and life-loving people either. All I want is just removing myself from this world already. That is why I wish I were dead already.
    There are many unanswered questions about life. But my questions to you guys are this. For people like me who just happen to dislike and hate daily life profoundly and have no interest in promotion, marriage, raising kids and living long, why should I keep living? For how much longer should I keep enduring and toughing it out?
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    Nice to see you on the forums - typically I only run into you in chat.

    I truly believe you are in the same situation as may NiceSinging1 (wow - I do not believe I have ever called you that before). I am less certain that you want to die, but rather you want pain and suffering and loss of hope to be replaced by something better, like the things you mentioned in your post as having given up on. Will that happen for all 7 billion people in the world? No, sadly it may not. But even some who do not find those things still find their way to satisfaction and fulfillment, and I would not even be quite so quick to give up on those things.

    I am going to give you 3 reasons to continue, one is your reason the other two are mine.

    for your reason - simply read the quote at the boom of you post in your signature line.

    for my 2 reasons- read the 2 quotes at the bottom of mine, in my signature line.

    Take Care and Be Safe