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    Finally I have closed the last chapter of this horrible relationship, this charade where she lied to me every day for 8 years, destroyed any belief I had in humanity. Finally I have sent my very last Christmas card to her family, my very last message of any kind to any of the group of people--her friends and family--who together this year destroyed every last bit of life I had left in me ... Now it is entirely up to me to move on, what is inside my own head, because the rest is over. I just hope 2012 will be a year when I can erase her completely from my brain ... not that I will ever forget the lessons I have learnt: Never to trust another human being; never to put any kind of stock in a relationship; never to believe people have anything but the worst of motives. But I want to stop thinking of her; stop having her name come into my head so many times every day. Somehow, somehow ... please let this year be better.
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    This sucks marklondon, I hope you can get her out of your mind.

    Please do not let one bad apple spoil your faith in relationships. There are many good people out there.
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    Thanks windlepoons, I appreciate it. I just don't know if there are good people, or if there are, how it would ever be possible to know who they are. Maybe people are just more or less good at covering up their real nature. Anyway, I'm glad I learned this lesson now, and not 20 years from now with a house and children to lose too. That is the silver lining really.