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Just want to go already

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After taking a closer look at my life things are getting worse and worse.

-I lost a bunch of my hair and would never regain it back
-I have the worst body shape ever and I am ugly
-I lost someone I loved doesnt who even think about me or even care anymore
-I cant see this person again
-My mom hates me and my dad doesnt think I am "responsible" enough
-I am permanently ill and have a bunch of conditions for the rest of my life
-I have no friends
-I have nothing going for me/NO JOB

NOO Life, Why should I stay here if things get worse every day?


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Hi and so sorry you are feeling this way...when we feel down on ourselves, we feel everything about us is ugly...I have been there many times and it took a real intervention from a dear friend to point out some things about me that weren't...so I will ask you...what is one thing that is not 'ugly' about you? If you say, 'nothing', you have not looked hard enough...please find one thing and let me know...and that your mom hates you...then she has no taste...she should feel blessed to have you and anything less than that is her problem...big hugs, J
Simple really...for anyone who hasn't given up yet, they're still holding out for an inevitable change.

If you really feel like nothing's ever going to change, you'd frankly have given up by now :)

Whether you realise it, believe it, or think it...or not, you'll find you are holding on to hope...and sometimes, while it won't be enough to change the mood/state you are in, you'll find it is subconsciously enough to help you :)
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