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Just want to talk

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I am so very down again, but more down than before.
I just realized the only thing I have going for me at this time is my cat, which isn't a bad thing. But I have nothing else, no friends and a family that hates me for what ever reason I don't know.
With my bday tomorrow and not having any one to celebrate it with, I just want to drive my car off a cliff with me in it.
It's not like I am going to be missed by anyone, except for my cat.
I just want to cry, but can't because I am at work. I am off to my second job in 10 minutes and still can't cry.
Sometimes I wonder why I was ever brought into this world. I feel like I am just adding clutter to the world and that everyone will be better with out me.
No I am not going to do anything crazy. Just want to talk and get all my emotions out.


I ask those questions too about why I was brought into this world... and then I meet people like you I can identify with. Maybe the reason you are here is so that you and I can heal and share each others burdens and help each other?

I had the birthday blues too... but you know... despite those who don't seem to care about you... I care. And I bet your a really nice person who has a great many talents and gifts that could help a lot of people. You may think you are alone but so does millions of others... its ok to cry and let the pain out and you can email me any time. :unsure:


Thank you for knowing how I feel and where I am coming from. Its nice to know I am not alone. I am sure when I get home, I will be crying like a baby lol.
I hope too that we can help eachother heal.
But now I must leave for my second job. Ugh, so don't want to go.


You know even if it is your birthday... you can always go get a cake and eat it... I don't know if you believe in God or not but I do not believe in coincidences. I just happened to log on and see your message and I do not come here that often lately. So maybe just maybe we were meant to meet and just maybe we can help each other?

I do not believe in coincidences. I been in a coma twice and been clinically dead three times. I had four suicide attempts and you know... I am starting to think that the reason God wants me to live is so that through helping others like me... I can take the pain in my life and turn it into something good.



Getting a cake is very tempting right now lol.
I do believe in God and I believe in fate.
I am feeling a little bit better this morning. I cried on my way to work(little hard to drive while crying) but made it in one piece. That helped to relieve some of my tension built up.
Thank you so much for wanting to talk.
Hopefully we can help eachother out as we go along.
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