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just wanted to rant - again - sorry

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i just got home from a rugby match - it was awesome! loved every minute of it. we won of course! against a club who are huge! we were by far the better side and it made my day - made everything right.

the place was packed but cos i had to work and like the idiot that i am decided to drive - we got there 5 mins b4 kick off. there was no room and views were restricted. i feel like i let my dad down. i just wanted to cry.

now im home i just wana cry. im weak and have no energy. head is spinning.

last night i watched a film that i bought - ive loved it for years - drop dead fred. it is very very funny - but i ended up in tears. my emotions are all over.

im going to see my gran tomorrow which will be hard as she isnt well.

i was joking around today at work and i think i upset my boss. i hate letting him down. and ive asked him for alot.

im sorry for boring u all

Take care

Clare x
You are not boring any of us with your post Clare. I am sorry it seems so many disappointments seemed to have happened in such a short time. I do want you to notice that you say you feel likeyou let these people down. Maybe you really didn't.Yes they may be annoyances, but maybe the people did not feel let down at all. I hope you feel better about things soon. It is a terrible feeling to think you let others down. :hug:


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just wanted to write something quickly before going out. mum just had the idea that we go out someplace for lunch in a town out of hull. a seaside down. this is good cos i wanted somewhere challenging to drive to. however its to a place i last went to with my ex. everything there will make me think of her. its scary. also going there will replace the fact that she was the last person i went there with. i dont want to replace that. we went there a couple of times and i loved it. i dont want to replace these moments. the happy times are gone. i just want to try and remember them. i miss them so much. just wish i could drive away and never turn round.

im ment to be feeling good but i cant

Clare x
you are not boring people at all, and drop dead fred is a kick ass movie. As for letting people down I don't think you've let them down. I think things happen for a reason like being late to the game, but I don't think you've let your father down. :hug: 2 you hun

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