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Just wanted to say hi to everyone =)

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Hello all. Just wanted to say that =). I had plenty of suicidal thoughts in my past. But now im a calm and chilling person. If i can help anyone then i am here for you. Unless i got some other stuff keeping my busy at certain times. I am now 20 and rid of suicidal stuff which i had my past. And im pretty sure i had a much harder life than many others here.

To all who think about suicidal. Reconsider the thought. Life may stink atm. Might stink for many years. But it might turn into good aswell. And then u will say. Great i dident commit suicide.

Anyways i want to help as many people as possible to get through the pain. I actually said to myself when i was 16-18 some place. I am going to kill myself before i turn 20. And since i failed that im not gonna commit suicide. GL everyone. I hope i can be of nice assistance. I can share my history even tho imo its long and boring.

And i was also like to add that im a boy/young man atleast male. That during my past i had it hard with being teased and bullied a lot. But remember that people grow up. And time heals the most wounds.
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hi and welcome to the forum. i apreciate that you want to help is something nice from you, here we try to help each other and is nice that you want to share with us your experiences and toughts, because it can help a lot of people here(includding me). so thak you a lot and i hope to see you around too. if you need to talk or need any help i´m here just pm me.take care.
:welcome: to the forum. I am glad you are feeling better and no longer feel suicidal. We will welcome your insight here, but hope you will welcome ours as well. We are all here for each other should the need arise. Take care. :hug:


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Norway!!:smile: :smile: THat's where my dad's family is from! My eldest daughter went there for a year during college and met many of our relatives, close and distant. She had a great time and thought it was a most beautiful country.:smile:

Welcome to the forum. Hope to talk with you soon.

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