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Just when I thought I was fine.

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Me and my babys father, who I've been with 4 years just broke up he said he doesn't love me the same anymore... I thought I was fine, trying to talk to knew people to keep my mind off him, the only time I cried was to sleep... But now the past few days every time I come up to my apartment I look around like I hope hes going to be there, now today I heard a knock at my door and my heart dropped and them started beating so fast thinking it was him, but I opened the door and it wasn't him and I busted out in tears, of all the times we did break up I've never felt this way, I miss him so much, he means the worlds to me, but this time I'm really trying not to show being pathetic but its nit working... Urgh idk what to do... I know he doesn't want me anymore but hes everything to me... I melt when I see him... We had problems and I didn't show things the best towards the end and I regret every minute of it I truly do... I'd do anything for him... I'm sorry I think I just needed someone to venT since I have no one I'm comfortable talking to... OTHER then him..........

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You deserve better okay You deserve someone that will return all that love you have Try to move on is difficult and you will be sad but there is someone who will love you and make you feel special again hugs to you


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Give it more time as time will heal wounds and I hope things will get better for you. It's hard to move on but you have to. Stay strong and take care. :hug:


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I think often we are numb before the storm and it takes a while to fully get what happened to us...hope this time passes quickly for you and that you continue to go out and find new ppl...J
I thought I was okay, I finally let myself believe the only reason I like kinda this guy is he is just like deejay... But hes not him... I almost called him deejay today... Why do I always think about him.. Everywhere I go, everything I do... It been a month and still... These four years was the best.. I've been depressed all day and finally letting myself cry.. He still loves me to at least he said, but I think he really likes his girlfriend to... Is there anything I can do to stop thinking about him... Urgh... Why am I so pathetic, there have been so
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