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  1. daren

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    just when i could use a chat with someone who understands i cant get into chatroom lol

    i need to vent i have been going down hill slowly , 6 years ago i had a stroke but i have made the most amazing recovey, tho 6 years on i cannot seem to gain employment i have taken courses and passed exams and NOTHING seems to help. i feel stuck , i would end it all now but i feel i cannot as someone will have to find me and i dont want tomake that person live thier life with that image in thier minds for the rest of thier lives i feel even more stuck
    sorry im feeling sorry for myelf but its making me ill
  2. Daijou

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    The site was undergoing maintenance or renovation or something of the sort I believe, so that might have been why chat wasn't working. It looked fine when I checked it out earlier, so you can maybe give it another try.

    You found the right forum for venting though. Anything that's on your chest feel free to just let out.

    Finding a job seems to be a problem a lot of people are dealing with all over the place (including myself), so you aren't alone there. Just keep applying at places and hope for the best is all I can really say.

    Hope you feel better and best of luck job hunting, and no need to apologize for anything. :)
  3. total eclipse

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    I am glad your recovery from your stroke went so well and i do hope you get employed soon but as others say it is so hard to do. Send out hundreds of application over saturate i like to say and someone will respond keep trying okay :hugtackles:
  4. IV2010

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    good to hear you have recovered so well from your stroke...having a stroke must have been scarey for you..
    have you considered doing some volunteer work while you're looking for a job? to keep busy and gain hands on experience..
    I wish you well