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Just why even bother...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by hereiam2018, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. hereiam2018

    hereiam2018 Member

    You're actually giving me some motivation to actually try to go on this trip! Maybe it could remind me that there are still so many things to do.

    You're making me appreciate you again. Your advice about sticking with it when it gets tough really resonates with me. This is something I have always believed and it's why even though I've been depressed for many years, I still got into a good college and everything because I just kept going. I wasn't necessarily ever happy but I kept going.

    Yeah, I know she doesn't understand..she's started to understand more because I started to be more graphic as in describing depression more thoroughly and such and trying to explain how my mind works. I told her we should fight through it like just yell at each other about everything we're mad about, and so we were texting all day yesterday. It did really help and I think we'll have some more little arguments until it all gets sorted out but it makes me feel closer to her already. Which I guess gives me more reason to keep trying.
  2. hereiam2018

    hereiam2018 Member

    Thank you! I've never tried any alternative healing methods for anything but it could be worth a try.
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  3. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    Community clinics

    You get acupuncture usually in a group setting, typically costs about $20 US

    Clinics can be found by searching for "community acupuncture clinics in [your area]"
    www.POCAcoop.com has listings for commmunity clinics, mostly in the US, 3 in Canada, 1 in Isreal, 1 in Spain
    www.acmac.net has listing mostly in the UK, 1 in Germany

    Teaching Clinics

    You get treated by a student (usually) under the supervision of a teacher or licensed acupuncturist (always). Treatments are in a private treatment room (usually). Prices range from zero to $50 per treatment.

    Teaching clinics can be found by searching for "acupuncture schools in [your area]" and then finding the clinic link or info on a school's homepage.
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  4. hereiam2018

    hereiam2018 Member

    Thank you! I will look into this. I know physical stuff can have a big impact on your mental state because I can get great success from exercising or deep breathing. So maybe acupuncture could have a similar effect.
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  5. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome! :)

    Hope that something can help!
  6. erinrose07

    erinrose07 New Member

    I am sorry, very sorry, that you're feeling so hopeless. I know what it feels like--intolerable, desperate. Does this feeling ever lift for you? Even for brief periods? If so, have you paid attention to what happened leading up to the lift? Probably not, if you're like me, but I did start doing that when I can remember to and it's been helpful to notice whether there was a factor that helped or if it was completely random. Also, is there anything you notice that happens right before you sink down into the depths? If so, write it down and keep track perhaps.
    I am only speaking from my own experience, but things that bring me to the depths of despair are PMS...it sounds cliche like it couldn't be that bad, but two entire weeks before I get my friend I sink into a horrible depression. Apparently my hormones hate me. The day or the second day after it comes, I feel like 70% better. It's nuts. That's not the only thing that causes my issues, but it's one, unavoidable life sucker. I have gotten so much better at managing the beast that is depression and PTSD though, but it's only come with turning to God and accepting Jesus. I swear to that statement. Therapy and meds have been crucial too, but mostly my faith. I can relate to bouncing in and out of therapy though---it's hard to commit to it when you don't feel like spending time or money on yourself. Do it for your future children then. So one day when you have kids, if you want to, you'll be a whole, healthy person <3
    I was going to share an article with you but I can't post links here. Hang in there <3
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