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Just woke from a dream

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hi, guess who... its me...
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My parents were there. Hmm they've been dead for years. But there they were just the same. A person does not always get to confront their abuser. My father played dumb. Somehow I believe he may have thought no one noticed. I didn't even noticed but I still got to confront him. Like it was at the scene of the crime. They also say you may never know never remember the details of the event. But there I was in the dream pointing out that it was not something that didn't happen. And that the perpetrator was not an innocent. And I kind of broke down (still in the dream) and openly accused him and he sat there like in dementia or just unresponsive still so guilty. Fuck it was only a dream and speculation. Just like I always do when I'm awake, but fuck. Something is real.

I'm feeling such anger and like I'm suffocating and too late to save myself.
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