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    Victim Blaming is total BS

    On the contrary to this theory or hypothesis there are many cruel, selfish are dare I say wicked people who end up with enjoyable lives, being rich and lavished in all the luxuries a person could want. While on the other hand innocent people suffer all of their lives and die a miserable death.

    Kids born in Africa starving who are orphaned and waste away slowly from malnutrition. Often times of treatable if not curable diseases. Such as malaria or HIV.

    Rwandan murderers living happily in the UK. Janjaweed getting away with blue murder. These people aren't suffering at all yet they have committed atrocities. How about some of the German top ranking officers responsible for the horrific genocide. They would just say I was following orders, very few got any jail time and if they did it wasn't long at all.

    What did these victims do to attract that into their life? One could argue karma from another life but if you don't believe in reincarnation then their is no logic behind that.

    There are many example that in fact this world is not just. James L. Bulger, Joe Luis Saenz. The former a mob boss who was responsible for many deaths and was the #2 most wanted guy(now #1) next to Osama bin laden. The latter murdered two gang members. Then he told his girlfriend and in order to keep that quiet he kidnapped, raped and murdered her. In 2008 he went to this guy's house and murdered him and it was caught on the guys surveillance video.

    This man is living free while their are four victims dead where's the just world? He was even in a stretch limo when he showed up at the fourth victim's house with many other people. He must be fairly well liked, and dare I say respected and living a fairly lavish life despite being a conscienceless murderer.

    How about Casey Anthony that little girl who got murdered and her mother is on trial for being neglectful and responsible for the homicide. What did the little girl to deserve that... nothing at all. It's merely a horrible injustice.

    This is my rant for the day. Victim blaming is wrong on so many levels, especially if you're doing it in order to reduce anxiety. Using rationalization to justify that the victim deserves a horrible fate, is only a selfish attempt and coming to grips with the fact that the real world is very cruel and in many cases it doesn't really matter what kind of person you are. Fate can be evil.
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    People attempt to justify their own actions and inactions so they can continue to live their life happily. It is selfishness that allows us to function and be human. More than anything, these justifications are survival instincts.

    But in the world where we strive for impossible ideas of equality, the whole thing just makes for lies and hypocrisy.
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    You're totally right, it's all about justification, and selfishness. People can justify things anyway they want to, after the fact justification etc. It's all about reducing anxiety and carrying on with their own life not really caring about those not in their inner circle. You have very good insight. For the most part, yes it is lies and hypocrisy.

    I'm not sure if you know the story of Job it is a classic example of the just world phenomenon. Job suffers a series of terrible calamities, at point his friend suggest Job must have done something terrible to have deserved his misfortunes.

    In other words if bad things happen to someone they must be bad or at least done something to deserve it(victim blaming). It causes too much anxiety to think horrible things can happen to good a person.

    Let's say you wrong someone's friend or someone else they like they will most often not think twice about being cruel and vindictive. But their justified(rationalization) in their cruelty so therefore they wouldn't expect to suffer any misfortune due to their wrongdoings.

    If someone's ingroup wrong's a total stranger these people don't care at all and wouldn't expect any consequences at all, or if they did it would be totally unjustified. It's all about selfishness that if someone wrong's one of your friends or someone you care about they must suffer some form of punishment or revenge yet who cares about other people.

    Revenge is not karma. The two are totally separate. Although getting revenge can give you bad karma.

    Another example is that of group biases these people will find a reason no matter how insignificant to prove why their group is superior, it has to do with improving their self esteem. This can range from being judgmental to being cruel to someone in a member of the out-group.
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    the whole thing is a shitstorm. just gotta wait for global warming to hit it's peak and people will start droppin like flies :tongue:.
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    Lol dropping like flies.

    There's so much labeling, judgment, stigma, stereotyping, rationalization, discrimination, etc in this world. It's almost surreal, how cold and cruel of a place this world can be.

    If you're labeled as "mentally ill" you'll likely find it harder to get a job or have a place to lease out. It becomes a vicious cycle. The term mentally ill is derived from social influence.

    Even one nurse told me if you go into the hospital it can turn a sane person insane. In many cases you become what others label you as. Basically if you're treated like a mental patient and around other people labeled as "mentally ill" that can make you "mentally ill". Not to mention if you've had many debilitating social experiences which in turn were what led you to go a bit "crazy". Many times what people think is helping another is actually harmful.

    Central to stigmatic labeling is the attribution of an inherent fault: It is as if one says, "There must be something wrong with these people. Otherwise, why would we treat them so badly".

    That is pretty ridiculous if you think about it. Justifying why you're treating someone so badly because their must be something wrong with them.
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