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    fuck everything... im getting worse and im tired of always having to ask for help... im tired of letting everyone know how fucked up my life is.. im sorry for being suck a pain in the ass.. i need to let everyone worry about whats going on with them and not me.. im just another pathetic piece of shit that cant do anything right and that will prob commit suicide...
    Ignore this stupid post
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    John... :hug:
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    Hi John. You sound like me from a few years ago. I have a feeling that you know what to do. It might sound cold, but it's a good idea to not complain to people very much about your problems. If you're having an especially rough time, then it's appropriate to seek help, but if you feel sorry for yourself all the time, people will start avoiding you, and you'll feel more sorry for yourself, and make it all worse.

    Like I said, you sound very much like I used to be. Since then, I've gone to the other extreme, and never open up to people, and I cannot cry (whereas I never used to go a day without crying). Maybe that's bad too, but I'm happier with who I am now. And people aren't fed up with me. Hopefully this post helps, but if you really are like me, then you hate my guts right now and are crying with a knife in your hand. Or maybe you're stronger than that. Good luck to you, John. :) I hope you feel better soon.