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  1. If you guys read my last few posts you would get how terrible my mom has been treating me. Well today I seen karma at its work and took it out all on her it was fun I was smiling
  2. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Maybe its not true karma if one smiles at ones misfortune.

    Look up what a real karma is.

    You create your happiness and misery. No one else.

    If you want to be twit for twat about Karma points... She was the one that give u life.... and you survived past adulthood. Thats alot karma points towards that woman. I wouldnt have taken it personally if you didnt use the word K A R M A

    Maybe I am sore and is hard on you tonight but seriously start accepting it is YOUR choice to be where you are at in this life. You are past 18 years old. You have two perfectly good legs and can go where the wind takes you to a new life wherever you go. You are responsible for your actions. Go fly free.
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    I'm curious, how has karma been at play here? I can't understand it properly from your short post. Please so explain if you feel up to it.
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