Keep fainting! Depressed and ill :(

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I failed or forgot to mention I'm rather unwell at the moment, Getting rare minor pain in my chest and I keep fainting every other day. Last week I fainted in the bath and nearly drowned today I just fell down the stairs. I'm ok, no harm done. It's been brought on by my ex's treatment of me and the ignorance of my Father and Half Sister. My friends don't visit, I don't really want to see them but I'd like the company of some of them.
I am not going to let my girlfriend see me like this, I'd rather die. I'm thinking of throwing myself down the stairs until I don't get back up.


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How about going to see a doctor to make sure there is no physical cause for your fainting? Have you been eating properly, sleeping ok, etc.?

I hope you feel better soon. Please don't throw yourself down the stairs, hun. :hug:

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Take yourself to hospital okay get some blood work done see why fainting spells are happening let hospital look after you for awhile hun you deserve care hugs


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I would go but just how does a 21 year old man list and entail a Doctor about feeling suicidal, depressed, faint, suffering from a sore knee and a sequence of fainting? I eat less then I used too cos I've lost weight my appetite has shrunk and I don't intake as much sugar.
I'm thinking if to throw myself head first or backwards :(


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Don’t do that, hon…don’t even think that…instead, think about your love…your girlfriend…

You can get through this episode…losing weight is one thing, but don’t over do it…eat something you enjoy…

Maybe give your adorable girlfriend a call and go to a movie or something? :)

p.s. I invite you to have a look at the video clip below in my signature field...


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please reconsider throwing yourself down could end up worse off..
alive with a disability..perhaps paraplegic or brain damage..
talk to your doctor asap about the fainting spells....if you don't think you can discuss feeling depressed and suicidal maybe write it all down and give it to doc to read..
it's ok at 21 or any age to talk about depression ...
doctors have heard it all before and they have to have confidentiality..
take care ok


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It's ok I've fallen down before, I learnt to fall before I could walk. I've had practise, Norman Wisdom for example I remember how he in his films managed to not get hurt but that was for comedy my sole reason is to get hurt. So if I went to see a Doctor on Monday I won't just get the same old your a loony take a pill attitude? x


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So if I went to see a Doctor on Monday I won't just get the same old your a loony take a pill attitude?
Hmmm...I'm sorry you've experienced that. I have too. Fell over left, then right on one ankle, down two stairs...ankle was swollen to three time its normal size and I couldn't bear weight on it. The doctor told me, "Get rid of the crutches and walk on it." That's seven years ago and that ankle still hurts sometimes and makes a POP/CRACK sound every now and then.

I dunno if you'll get the "you're a loony" treatment. But maybe if you SAY you want to make sure there's no physical cause and that it's just "reaction to stress," they'll be more polite and responsive to you. I'd still get it checked out regardless.

Good luck! :hug:


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i learned you cannot tell the doctor your suicidal and tell them also that you do not feel depressed, they get rather confused,

but i do know they will listen to you and offer help, there is nothing to fear from a doctor besides the bill, and those are usually not that bad anyways,


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So if I said I was severely depressed and extremely suicidal to the Doctor they'd help rather then telling them the truth about feeling lob sided either way?

What's worse is that my knee is so bad I can't play Football (Soccer) anymore and I crave Football! :( my own downfall really, collided with a post when I was playing in goal and now I've got a large lump on me knee (this was like 6-7 years ago as well)
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