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Keep Running Away From Problems!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by shotmillions, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. shotmillions

    shotmillions Member

    So yesturday was my last day of rent and stuff before moving out to a new house (which was meant to be today).

    Anyway that didnt happen and for some reason ive ended up in a different country yet again running away from problems :(

    Anyway got a call from a girl and basically her boyfriend who used to be my friend found out she had, cheated on him with me ages ago. And fair enough he wanted to slit my throat.

    So he kept calling me all day and threating me and whatever and at first i was like fuck this im moving but then i was like nah its ok if something happens cant be that bad. Problem to me isnt one fight that i can deal with its the fact that everytime i saw him some sort of shit would happen. But then he calls me again at night and that got me really on edge and for some STUPID reason i deciced to buy plane tickets for a few hours later and now im here in another country!

    But to be honest where i lived i didnt have many friends all i had was random onenight stand girls i knew and 2 good friends. So thats not a problem. What i did have though was a AWESOME job which i left i was a BOUNCER (security at a nightclub) and i really loved the job so much so that i actually keep crying about it which is ironic considering the nature of the job ahha. And out of everything leaving my job is the only thing getting me down, that and thinking up what to do next with my life...

    Anyway not really sure what the point of this was but i truely regret leaving now and theres not much i can do to put it right again now. :(
  2. jamie20m

    jamie20m Well-Known Member

    Try think posotive dude, even if they just be little posotive thoughts. Your life is not over, do what it takes to survive. And im sure you can find a new job doing what you did before. Gain a little perspective and live your life to the full.
  3. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    You can make a fresh start where you are now. Often times job open up for bouncers as people tend not to stay in those positions long. Do you have good references from your previous job? Take things one step at a time. If you need to earn a wage, then the job may be the first thing you tackle. (I am assuming you have somewhere you are stayng and that this part is not a big issue since you didn't mention it).
  4. shotmillions

    shotmillions Member

    Anyway its a few months since this post and i think i should update it!

    Anyhoo after writing that post i went to my familys place in a different country to save up some money to move back to the country i was in but to a different place! 3 Months ago today actually i moved here! Ive got a job doing the same thing as before but ive deciced

    I should change careers so I am going to study again! So i can get another job!

    Anyway thinking back i shouldnt of ran away but everythings turned out well now and if i hadnt of done i wouldnt of realized what i wanted to do and still stayed doing the same thing! Which i enjoyed but had no real FUTURE! I havent really been going out clubbing like i used to or socialising as much as i did where i previously was but im slowly making some proper friends and im sure il make loads more when i go and study!

    So i started seeing a councillor aswell out of my own choice! and ive seen her like 3 times and its really helped! To be honest this segment of my life wasnt really a big thing i have things in the past that probably made me into the type of person that would run away so thats why i seeked a councilor anyway!!! So ive learnt... That you shouldnt make DECISIONS on a WHIM and you should take time to make them because luckily its all worked out but a few days after running away i thought actually wasnt that much of a problem and i could of sorted it out! If id gone back now i might of just gone to that guy and kicked his ass but if id of known if id of ran id be where i am now then i think id of ran!

    Anyway im not sure if this all made sense but merry christmas! And yeah feel free to ask me whatever!