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    I have gone my entire life without making any close relationships. It is amazing how easy it is to keep peolpe at bay. I see that this wall has saved me in so many ways and it will only get stronger!
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    Lostcat, would you elaborate a little? Are you saying it is/was a good thing that you kept people out?
  3. lostcat95

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    This was one of the best things I could have done for me! I am not saying it would work for everybody...
  4. I wish you i felt the way you did a long time ago...its not worth getting close to people..
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    I think if I made it this long I will be just fine the rest of the way. I will never let my wall down!
  6. Atiri

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    I could see it being beneficial, anyone I have been close to so far has hurt me
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    Apologies in advance for bad spelling

    Watch out, LostCat, that's not necessarily a good thing. Building a wall is just going to close all the thoughts and feelings and emotions (essentially, everything that makes up you) inside to simmer. You might be strong enough to maintain it forever (heaven knows how much we all wish we were that strong), but eventually the wall is just going to be one more issue you throw on top of the pile. Instead of helping, it's going to hinder. Eventually it will break--explosively, which is a lot worse than getting hurt by people (trust me). And it's embaressing too.

    Don't close yourself off. Build a door into that wall, even if you have to put ten thousand locks on it. And make sure that at least one person has all the keys. Even if you only make one relationship in the real world, that is good enough. And remember, getting hurt is part of a relationship. You do it to them, too. As long as it's only once in a while, you need to preserve.

    Please don't wall yourself in LostCat, it's not a good idea.
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    Lost Disciple

    I understand and appreciate what you are saying about the door. I really don't think this will hinder me but thanks for the advice. I
    talk to people but I never let anyone get CLOSE to me. I can see your point on how this could be a problem...
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