keeping thinking about this guy from my group

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    yeh so last year this guy who studied in wales told someone i knew that he liked me. i was halfway through trying not to die at that time so it wasnt exactly the best time. then after summer i went away from 7 months becasue i didnt want to see my dad. lol extreme measures

    anywaysone of the reasons why nothing happened alst year ( apart from the obvious one) was because that guy studied abroad in wales so it wasnt exactly ideal.

    anyways so i came back from travelling two months ago and that guy is back at the gorup. hes not doing so well i think, but he's finished studying his masters so he should be back home permantely. sort of . and im back too......

    i dont know when i ws in hong kong i never thougth much about him. tbh i never liked him or noticed him really until i was told he liked me. i actually like his twin....and sometimes i think this wales guy is really cute but its because he smiles the same way as his twin. and its really sweet :oops:

    ive bene thinking bou him more. im not sure why... maybe because im bored? maybe i secretly want a boyfriend? it makes sense because im lonely a lot of the etime so eh. i notice when im busy i dont think about him . so maybe i actually dont like him. becaue i dont want to go out with someone if tis not real. i dont want to use someone. but then sometimes i think if i didnt like him i wouldnt think about him so much. im afraid im just tempted to settle for him because his twin brother ( who i liekd orginally) already has a long term girlfriend ( darn it!)

    gah. such cuteness i cant handle :(:(

    just wanted to get that out. i kept thinking about him so much this week and alst week. coincedently i was the least busiest the last two weeks:rolleyes: