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keeping yourself in the present during helusinations..

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do you guys have any tips?

just of late, my helusinating has become much worse, heavy breathing, and totally think i'm seeing what ever it is. so much so that i shout out to people stuff like avoid that.. don't go that way, the room is unsafe etc

how do you guys stay in control when you're helusinating?

it may sound strange and a totally pointless question, but i could really do with some ideas

people saying to me " oh it's not there" only works sometimes, you know

Lady E

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Definitely let your doctor know that you are having hallucinations and they are significantly progressing.
Close your eyes and focus on deep breathing. 1,2,3 in. Hold it 1,2,3 breathe out 1,2,3. Try and center yourself and focus on the real things around you. What can you smell? What do you taste? What do you feel with your hands, your feet.


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you really need to see someone about the hallucinations. If they know then they can medicate you for it which makes dealing with them a lot easier. I'm on an anti-psychotic for that exact reason!

it takes a lot to make the first step but once you have its easy
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