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Kelly Please dont do this! Somebody contact her!

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Can somebody please contact Kelly by phone (What Lies Beneath). If she doesnt answer, please call an ambulance if you have her address details.

This is a crisis situation please, dont delay!


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i have sent you a PM MJ.im afraid i dont have any contact details for Kelly but i was concerned to read your thread.Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about what is going on if you would like?We may be able to help some more then hopefully.

Sorry i feel useless but i am here and im sure others are too and Kelly i hope you are ok or at least safe.

Please talk to us if you need to and can Kelly.We are here and thanks also MJ for posting this.

Please let us know whats happening if you get any news.Worried.

Take care and best wishes
Kelly, if you see this. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in so long. please don't do this so we can get back in touch k?

:hug: please please please be ok. Talk to me, someone.. anyone :(

:hug: x 10

You mean so much to us hun


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Guys Kells has taken some bad drugs but was back on msn last night and alive,
I think she needs a lot of support at the moment.

Treat her gently guys even when she lashes out.
Look I failed..everyone can smile happily. Life right now is very complicated for me and no i won't go into details about it b/c i dont feel like anyone could possibly get it. I know that sounds cold but it's not meant to be. I realized last night after popping them and going on a tangent and getting really fucked up feeling i didnt want to die..i want it all to go away and i feel that is the way. I'm sorry to those I freaked out..i'll be sure next time not to mention it to anyone..that way i won't have ppl worried.
Take care all.

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:hug: I'm glad you're still here hun,

am here for support if you want/need it. Honestly, don't hesitate to pm or get me on msn ok?

know what it's like to fail... but still, I am glad you did in this case. very glad you're still here. Happy you failed. not happy you're hurting this badly.

I am glad you mentioned it to someone Kelly. I would much rather be worried about you than find out later that something had happened and you didn't feel you could talk to anyone about it. We are here for you. Take care hun. :hug:
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