Kenny Sykaluk(Journey Fan)

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    Kenny's mother had contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation on behalf of Kenny. The Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted the band. The band saw Kenny in the hospital, on what turned out to be the day before Kenny died. At the time, the hospital visit made the band reevaluate there internal struggles.

    While I never knew him personally, I wish it was me that had died instead of him. He died of cystic fibrosis when he was 16, in the mid-1980's. I don't know if he was born with the disease, but I have had a congenital brain aneurysm(clipped) which caused congenital hydrocephalus(shunted). I have epilepsy(controlled by medication) as a result of the brain surgeries to correct the first two. I had my 16th birthday in 1983. My life has been one failure after another. I wish it had been me instead of Kenny that had died. I had my 44th birthday this year.