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  1. vitshady

    vitshady Guest

    hi there, guys.
    i kinda feel happy txting here again - happy through my tears.
    i miss this place. n i made a hudge mistake leaving it. there is no judgment in here, but who knows me - yeh, u r free to judge me, coz i was a real prick turning my back on the only friends i had. i was so wrong - i thought fuck em internet ppl, they r not real, i gotta go out there n try to sort my life out, meet real ppl n live a real life. well, i had my reasons for all that, but..
    ..but im coming back to say i was wrong
    first of all, Alison - ure a wonderful person n im so sad i missed my chance to meet u in person. what can i say? im a ****. i have never intended to stop talking to u, but shit happens i guess. big shit happened to me n i have gave up on my life, its been long time now. u cant blame a dead man really - n thats how i feel - a dead man
    just have in mind some desicions in ur life u have to make against ur own will..
    i hope u dont hate me
    even if u do, id understand. ill always wish u well till the day ill die n i will never forget u
    now to this british lady who works in an immigration office or smth like that - yeh, im sorry but i did forget ur name. well, cant really blame me - im not sure whens my bday lol try to drink 10 stellas a day n remember my name lol
    ure a moderator here, if ure reading this, i hope ull remember me. so yeh, all im tryna say, i might have forgotten ur name but i not u: ur words made such a difference back then, when i needed it most. ur story has inspired me. ur strenght was an example. thank u, thats all i gotta say
    n smartie.. i dunno if ure still here. luv u. u were like my sister. u stopped talkin to me, n i understand ur reasons perfectly well:) i hope ure still with ure husband n ure happy. u have more than deserved that
    for all the other moderators who doesnt know who the fuck i am - yeh, i know ur rules about not having more than one account, but i havent been here since forever n i dont remember my old log in or password nor even an email i was using, so i had to create a new account, hope ull understand
    n yeh, i did not come to here to look for help or anything - its way too late i guess. i just came to say what i gotta say to the ppl i respect before its too late.
    luv u all, guys, try to do better than me in this life:)
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi hun glad you found your way back here for the support you need
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