Ketamine for depression

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by theoneblondegirl, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. theoneblondegirl

    theoneblondegirl New Member

    Has anyone had a ketamine treatment for depression? Or even pain? I'm desperate to feel better and I am putting a lot of hope into finding a way to get treated with ketamine.
  2. Wastingecho

    Wastingecho Well-Known Member

    never heard of that before, but i did some checking

    apparently there are several studies that indicate that an IV infusion of low doses may provide rapid relief of some symptoms in a very short period of time - HOWEVER, the use of ketamin for depression has not been approved by the FDA and the few studies done to date don't appear to be nearly robust enough to prove that the treatment is effective and safe

    and you would still need to get ongoing treatments - i have a thing for needles so the thought of being hooked up to an IV 3 times a week for 2 weeks every couple of months makes me cringe
  3. Dying_Imp

    Dying_Imp Active Member

    I was treated with IV Ketamine a few times when I was having a severe asthma attack (not quite sure what the physiology is behind it but it seemed to help).
    However it is a drug that drug users abuse and I can't for the life of me think why, the side effects were horrible. Ketamine causes you to hallucinate and have vivid dreams, it was a bit like watching a really real horror movie that you couldn't stop. I was also hallucinating when I was awake, I had a friend come to visit me and I had to ask him to leave because he was wearing a t shirt with a cartoon character on and everytime I looked at him his head was a different cartoon character.
    Apparently you can try and have a positive 'trip' by thinking of nice things but I don't know how true that is. There must be some reason people abuse it.
    I don't know anything about it being used for depression or how that would work out with taking the ketamine but I don't think that I would be volunteering to try it.
    Hope you find something that helps.
  4. AlienBeing

    AlienBeing Well-Known Member

    You can find clinical trial for it at Just put Ketamine and your nearest city into the search engine. The NIMH in Bethesda Maryland is paying travel expenses and room and board at their facility if you want to go there. I've heard some good reports from people who tried it as a last attempt at a cure before they would suicide and it turned their whole life around and they're still taking it. Complaining about the needles if it works is like, I don't know, complaining about kidney dialysis? If you need it to stay alive then you need it. If you look through the trial for it you'll also see that there is a trial in an emergency room, possibly in Texas, where they are treating acutely suicidal people who come into the ER with it. It's supposed to cure suicidality almost instantly.

    I'm starting a clinical trial for MST (Magnetic Seizure Therapy) on Tuesday. Well, actually I've already started because I'm doing all the initial tests. I did brain wave testing, cognitive inhibition/excitation/facilitation tests, MRI, and functional MRI today. On Monday I do cognitive/neurological tests, blood tests, ECG, some sort of tests over at anaesthesia, not sure what, some general physical stuff like weight, blood pressure etc. Then on Tuesday morning they should be all ready to hit me with the big ZAPAROO. Let's hope after 6 months of waiting and numerous challenges to get there, that it works. God I hope it works. I guess if it doesn't, I might be making the trip to Maryland myself. I'm really hoping they'll start testing Ketamine in Toronto sometime soon though. It seems like they've got everything else. We've even got an operation for Deep Brain Stimulation in trials if you want to try that. They implant an electrode in your head that keeps stimulating a part of the brain that's underactive in depression.
  5. Dying_Imp

    Dying_Imp Active Member

    Hi Again.
    AlienBeing, I don't think belittling people for not liking needles or for saying that they wouldn't be volunteering for it is helpful.
    The times I was given ketamine (for asthma in ICU) I was already majorly depressed, it didn't make me any happier or less suicidal, in fact I think I OD pretty soon after discharge. I am someone who has treatment resistent depression so would be tempted to try anything to help however I have had ketamine, it didn't make me any happier and it had horrible side effects so no matter what anyones view (If you need it to stay alive then you need it.) I would not have it. It's an individuals right to make that choice.
    How many people have you known personally that have said that it helps? I ask because having done some research on it this pm, I have found that there have only been one or two trials and the 'biggest' trial was only 17 people which isn't really a large enough sample to give statistically relevant results. Also one of the comments about the trial was that people recieving ketamine would probably have had hallucinations etc which may have acted as some sort of placebo effect (they thought that because they had hallucinations etc that they had had the ketamine so they expected to feel better) and any improvement might well not be to do with the ketamine.
    I think it's wonderful that people do volunteer for medical testing and I hope your experience goes well.

  6. AlienBeing

    AlienBeing Well-Known Member

    I wasn't belittling anyone. I was just pointing out that one should be able to put up with some discomfort for a lifesaving treatment. If you have other reasons for not doing it, like it didn't work, then that's fine. I don't think we should discourage people from trying clinical trials irregardless of our own or anyone else's personal experiences with anything. These trials are run by the best, most dedicated doctors in the country with every safety precaution imaginable and individual experiences are just heresay anecdotes.
  7. Dying_Imp

    Dying_Imp Active Member

    I don't think that I said anywhere that people shouldn't try clinical trials? In fact I think I said that it is wonderful that people do.
    The reason I was asking you how many people you actually knew that had tried it was because you said that you had heard from several people that had tried it, were these anecdotal reports or firsthand ones? Do 'firsthand' opinions / experiences not count if they were not part of a clinical trial?
    I also didn't say anything about how clinical trials are carried out, I was just explaining the limitations of the research that I had read. So far, very few (possibly two) clinical trials have been carried out on a very limited (about 17) amount of people, which isn't really enough to base a solid recommendation to try something on.
  8. AlienBeing

    AlienBeing Well-Known Member

    First hand anecdotes are interesting, but no, they don't really count, only scientific studies with large numbers of people and controls count. Far more than 17 people have been in completed clinical trials for Ketamine. And there are some very huge ones underway, investigating it. Those will count.

    You seemed to be discouraging blondegirl from trying Ketamine by posting about your own and others' bad experiences. I was just countering that some have had good experiences but they are all just anecdotes and she should not use any of them to decide whether she should join a clinical trial.

    I'm not going to argue with you anymore because I really think it's getting away from the purpose of the thread and not useful to blondegirl at all. I won't be visiting this thread anymore so you are welcome to have the last word.
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  9. Dying_Imp

    Dying_Imp Active Member

    Grow up.:baby:
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