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Keyboard over text box fix!

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If your keyboard is over top of the text box so that you can't see what you are typing, try this:
In the upper right corner of the Google keyboard there is an icon of a microphone (circled below) IMG_20171230_005322.jpg

Press AND HOLD that icon and like magic, the text box will appear above the keyboard!

If that doesn't work, try pressing and holding the spacebar.

Hope this helps!

(And yes, the -6 in the top margin of the pic is the current temperature in Fahrenheit! Yuck!)
Yes our dog did the same when we lived up in the mountains...but they all loved chewing on icicles--thought they were treats......though they liked snow more than rain which they have all disliked---they'd run out in the rain and then come running back in---looking at us to make it stop...and then not eat or drink so didn't have to go out in it...lol
Yes labs do love water...but think wise not to let them go drifting/swimming down the Mississippi river :) Would think that there may be some lakes up there can have them explore...of course when they thaw..
Wow...hadn't realized that..you are truly a brave soul to go up there in the winter then :) .. glad that it is proving to be a good experience for you...
The biggest thing is that it got me out of a truly toxic situation. I was hoping to make some connections here but not happening. So, back toward home for me. Maybe Florida or Texas next.
Yes I know and so glad that you are free from that toxic relationship...hope that you are continuing to heal...yes connections seem to take time and especially when it's cold and as adults as I have found it seems that they are harder to make....don't give up yet....but also so good to see you looking forward to future adventures it sounds like..


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Thanks. I gave up because the noise was driving me insane! In Google the text bar jumps all over the place. I’m more of a forum type person but yeah the site needs an app I guess (I’m not very tech savvy).
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