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kicked when your down

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i know i sound like im just feeling sorry for myself

but im feeling like utter shit tonight, and instead of everything just being left that way, i just fell up the stairs and dropped boiling water all over my hand :( im so pissed off with this world.
Ouch :( Did you run your hand under cold water for at least 10 minutes and is your hand ok now? :hug:

Btw you don't sound sorry for yourself, whenever I hit my elbow against something or burn myself accidentally, fall down the stairs etc it REALLY effects my mood. :hug:
When you fell down the stairs my friend, many people in this world were falling down the stairs, in a hotel in Rwanda or a school in Greenland.

When you accidentally poured hot water on your hand, many people in this world were accidentally falling into volcanoes in China or slipping in a hot bath in Finland.

When you think of your pain think of their pain. When you think of how funny your accident may have looked laugh. Laugh and the world will laugh at you.

I hope that helps.


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stuff like that does kick me back into reality

i understand how my story was totally irrelevant and i only got annoyed cus i cant control my mood. like ive got someone controlling me.

oh well. over it today.
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