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Kids/Children growing up too fast?

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A few days ago on the BBC, they asked about children, kids, etc growing up too fast.

Here is an article from the BBC about this:

Almost nine out of every 10 UK parents say children are having to grow up too early, with nearly half unhappy with pre-watershed TV, a survey suggests.

The research is part of a government-commissioned review into the sexualisation of children, conducted by Mothers' Union head Reg Bailey.

Most parents said music videos and celebrity were encouraging children to act older than they were.

Mr Bailey is due to publish a full report in May.

Of the 1,025 parents of five- to 16-year-olds surveyed, 40% said they had seen things in public places, such as shop window displays and advertising hoardings, that they felt were inappropriate for children to see because of their sexual content.

And 41% of parents said they had seen programmes or adverts on television before 9pm that they felt were unsuitable for similar reasons.

The review is also conducting focus groups, and Mr Bailey said emerging areas of concern included adult-style clothing aimed at young children, as well as toys and games they felt were inappropriate.

Parents were "struggling against the slow creep of an increasingly commercial and sexualised culture and behaviour, which they say prevents them from parenting the way they want", he said.

He said parents "had little faith in regulators or businesses taking their concerns seriously", but also were put off complaining be fears they would be seen as "prudish or out of touch".

The review is exploring whether the should be restrictions on retailers selling sexualised products aimed at children - such as "Porn star" T-shirts or padded bras.

A code of conduct on "age appropriate" marketing and a new watchdog are among plans being considered by the review.

Items that have been criticised include pencil cases and other products with the Playboy logo.

What are your opinions on this?
Parents, you are just that, in control of your kid's well being and up bringing.............sort it.
Doesnt matter what outside influences there are, it can pretty much all be dealt with using good parenting techniques.


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I don't notice that children are growing up too fast but I think it probably depends on the children you are around and their environment/parenting. I do however think the whole of society is far TOO sexualised and we could cut back on that enormously. Just get rid of it.

But as for the children that I am around, I see the opposite - I think they grow up slower. By the time I was eleven, I was expected to be able to travel on my own via buses/trains and even though you might be classed as an unaccompanied minor on planes and had stewardesses hanging around - we still were expected to fly to and from school to home in the holidays and just get on with it, which we did no problem.

The other day I met someone who was meeting his daughter off the train (aged 16!!!!) and he was completely paranoid because it was her first time travelling alone. In theory, she could pretty much be married and almost a mother herself but her father was acting as if she was about eight years old and that really surprised me.

So I find that peculiar - and in all sorts of things, when I was eighteen I was lucky enough to have a "gap year" where I went off all over the world ... in the days before mobile phones and so on and my mother just had to presume that 'no news, is good news!' on all the times that I forgot to phone or keep in contact.

But again, I met a friend whose child has just left school and is eighteen and she is "oh no, he is too young to go off travelling on his own" so he has to stay at home bored until university kicks in...

I think they are not growing up more quickly at all - I just think they are being forcefed all this sexuality which we never had to deal with as children. it wasn't on the school curriculum, it simply wasn't talked about maybe apart from someone having a racy Jackie Collins novel ... or similar. Certainly nobody was expected or considered to be having any kind of sex whilst we were at school and that went up to the age of eighteen ... it was an all-girls school but there was an all boys school down the road and there were "socials" etc. sixth form dances and so on but if there was ever anything more than dating/hand-holding/kissing it was a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage.

I sort of hope that is still the case for the majority of teenagers but it might be that 'boarding school' is a relatively privileged/elite environment that is in no way reflective of what is going on elsewhere.

Anyway as to your other question, NO to the playboy purses. NO to the constant female sex images. NO to the children padded bras (are you kidding me?!!?). Just no. It's not funny, it's not cute (those baby miss world pageant-things make me nauseous) and it's not clever either. It is just vile.


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In some ways kids are growing up faster, in other ways slower. As Chjones pointed out, we coddle our younger generation far more than in the past (though that is disputed by some). Yet at the same time, they're starting to become much more aware about "adult" topics and tropes.


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I think it depends on where you are and on the things you see.

There is alot of sexualization going in from what I have seen which I think puts pressure on young people and kids.


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I think children attempt to grow up too fast but due to how sheltered the average child in the first world is I think that children grow up slower then ever.


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Presented with too much information before they can even hope to understand what it means.

I don't know why puberty is hitting earlier. Could be the food we're feeding them.

Sometimes I think our world is getting worse, not better. But maybe that's just how I feel about myself.

Ignorance IS bliss until it kills you. The trick in life is to not have so much that it does.

In a world swimming with information, instead of logging on, log off. Shut the TV off. Put the newspaper away.

You can learn all about that when you get older. For now, make friends, finish school, develop a hobby.

Information is like weight. Don't carry too much too soon or it will exhaust you.

If we could all rewind life and start over we would do so many things differently. We try to live life over again through our children, but I think we can direct their lives so much that they're prevented from making their own mistakes. That's teaching them dependence.

We want growing children to be independent and to know what life is about at a young age without crippling them. We do this so they can be independent and confident when they turn into adults. Knowing how to do that clearly isn't easy if you look at the world and its many failures. Talking about failures in a classroom or reading about them in a book is not the same as witnessing them in person. I hope young people don't make mistakes that I made, but I know that all the advice in the world isn't going to help much.

To know this world you have to experience it on your own. That's the best advice I can give.
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