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Kids having 'boyfriends'

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I'm really getting pissed off with these 5th graders and their so-called boyfriends & girlfriends and how they claim to be in love. I came across this status on my friend's 11 year old sister's facebook:

"I Carved Your Name Into My Hand..No Biggie. I Also Carved "Im Sorry Im Not Perfect" I Cut Myself Because I Lost You. So That Makes Me An Emo Bitch...My Hand Is Now Bloody... Im Sorry I Love You."

I got so mad when I read this.

I know this little girl personally. She's nothing like this in real life.

There's no way 5th graders can know what love is.
When I was a kid, (God, I sound so old saying that. And I'm only 18.) I was still playing with barbies and boys were gross. Not to mention, I had my first boyfriend when I was in high school. Not elementary school. :rolleyes:

These kids need to learn a thing or two about relationships. In my opinion, you shouldn't be aloud to date unless one of you can drive.

So, yeah.



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:lol: My roommate's ex girlfriend had some relatives who sent their 9 year old kid to therapy because he had not had a girlfriend yet. I agree it is annoying.


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What the heck. Thats stupid. Sounds like most the crap people post as their status nowadays just to be in the cool crowd. God wonders why or how thats cool. But yeah.. little kids and their 'romance stories' make me sick. I wasn't concerned with dating when I was in Elementary School. As a matter of fact I'm turnin' 16 in July and I'm still not really concerned with dating. This made me remember being 9 years old and seeing 9 year olds make out, hold hands, and talk about their future kids. Gah they were kids their-selves! To many kids rush to grow up nowadays. Some think its cute but to me its sad. Especially what your friend's sister posted.


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my sister tends to post all that kind of shit on facebook. when you look at it, they aren't really having relationships anyway. they're that young that they don't know what they're doing. like a 'boyfriend' to them, consists of meeting some random boy at school and hugging. none of that shit actually lasts.


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^ Same here. I remember if a boy came over and sat next to you on the swings or something everyone would scream and run away :yes:.


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Yeah that reads very over board.

So.. there should be a standard for when people feel affection and care for another person? I completely disagree that waiting till you are 16 is the best time to start dating. Kids have "relationships", just immature ones, but that's in comparison from our eyes. From theirs they're feeling something very unique and special for them, or it can just something nice that they enjoy for the moment. Sure they don't understand the depth of feelings and emotions, but how else are they supposed to learn? By collecting data and watching other people till they can drive and then go for it?:huh:

Kids can feel what they want for eachother, and enjoy eachothers company. They might imitate the word love from what they see other people doing, and they might believe they are feeling true love.. who knows they might. They might actually not be imitating. But for the ones that are... Live and learn. That's what parents are for, brothers, sisters, family, friends.. when they overreact, because of the assumptions they've created to fill in the gaps that lead to true love, they will look retarded. But it doesn't mean they are, they just don't understand relationships and are learning how to be honest and themselves with someone else and see them for who they are.
If they have good role models around them, or have a good awarness.

Sorry, I know it read alot into something so trival as a kids relationship of love, but there's alot of things going on then just a blanketed statment.

It might piss you off, but maybe ask yourself why it pisses you off. If there's something in your live where love has been a sore spot, dont super impose that onto the immaturity of those just learning to feel love. Even if what you hate is people who fake saying I love you, and you see the similiarities in the younger generation. You can't deny desire and feelings, ... I mean kids say I love you as easily as they say I love pie. They learn through experience what the difference is for themselves. They are going to make mistakes, they are going to look like idiots, but it doesnt mean they are idiots. Just growing and experincing life and their own desires.

God.. I know this sounds retarded, but don't blanket kids because of a few that over react or because you started dating later for whatever reason. My gf's daughter went out and spent time with a disabled boy when she was 7. She enjoyed his company, she saw something special in him to her. From an overview it might look sweet, but whats the difference if he wasnt disabled? It's just a kid enjoying something about another kid. That understanding and awareness of who the other person is is going to be limited, but also very liberating for them. Sure they "break" up and impose alot of adult crap in there, but thats what the role models are for. To help them not bring shit that wasnt there to being with into the picture. To help them see what they actually saw in the first place, be it affection, or just a social statment. It's all a learning curve.

Sorry, restricting stuff like that is never a good idea. Though I suppose it is actually if the role models can't be there to help the kids through it if they need it.

I donno. To each his own. That little quote reads rediculous to us because alot of people actually do it. She probably doesn't. But somehow she's connected to that. Either through improper assumption, lack of awareness or whatever reason(s).
Perhaps instead of chastising her, you could try to talk to her about how she feels and let her say what she think shes feeling or how she should feel, or maybe how she actually feels.

Kids get confused, especially when they dont have the support and care they need in their everyday life. Or when their hormones or whatever else factor in.

Ug.. I donno, im trying to say, It's not so cut and dry as an idiot kid being a social squeel just going with the latest fad of expressive emotions that's most publically known to be dramatic. Sometimes it is, and they do go into these relationships for the attention cause it's a gateway, but not all.
It's always on an individual basis.

I donno. Ill never give into a bunch of people being idiots dictating how everyone else is that could be associated to them.

Blah.. fucking black and white contrasting bullshit. I guess, im sorry you are surrounded with the shit end of the stick as far as it goes for kids and relationships. Just don't forget, there are equally as many good relationships for kids as there are bad. Like anything. I really only have a beef with the Make em Wait till they are 16. But im assuming it's just a rant and youre not actually dead set on that one.

Ignorance on their part, ignorance on our part for not understanding them enough to show them the possible depth and scope of love and life, so they resort to trial and error and imposing what theyve seen and heard, instead of how they feel.

blah blah blah x Cant believe i wasted that much fucking thought on kids. Guess its an easy topic..


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You can drive at 16 in America but you can't drive until 17 in England.

So you should be allowed to start dating at 16 in America but not 'til 17 in England?

Your logic is sound. You'd make a good dictator.

What if I was to say you can't have relationships until you're 25 because that's when you reach emotional maturity, so before then your relationships are immature and meaningless, and you can't possibly know what love means?
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I know young children who are mature way beyond their years, i also know adults who are very immature.
I think that children should be left alone pretty much when it comes to dating, yes we have to educate them and guide them when it comes to sex, and there has to be an age of consent, i think most countries have that about right.
Its all about discovery you see, and it can be a beautiful thing to behold and for a child to enjoy that first feeling of love outside of their family.
I have an eight year old daughter, she has a " boyfriend" i wait with baited breath to hear the next installment, did he come and sit next to her at lunch? Or did he play with his mates in the playground?
We need to let children be children, so much childhood has been lost to this generation of young people, i would like to see it return.
When kids are left alone, they normally get it right, its us older ones that mess it up for them.
As Terry says, when i was a young un, girls.................yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have a 12 year old boy, I dont let him have a "girlfriend" I didnt think it was a problem until he got one then the drama started, the calls, the she likes him, he likes her, why didnt you do this and that.

Hes 12, I put a stop to it immediately, hes to young for all that, the only thing I want him thinking of at this time in his life is school and his responsibilities.

I do let him attend dances, parites and take a girl if he wants but there will be no "girlfriend" for a while, or until he can sneak without me finding out, lol.


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Lol you don't let an almost-teen have a girlfriend?

You know if he found a girl he liked he probably wouldn't listen to you and go out with her anyway right? And if his friends found out he was forbidden to have a girlfriend he would be mocked.


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Lol you don't let an almost-teen have a girlfriend?

You know if he found a girl he liked he probably wouldn't listen to you and go out with her anyway right? And if his friends found out he was forbidden to have a girlfriend he would be mocked.
Damn if you would have heard the phone ringing the week he did have one you would be the same way, lol.

Plus the girl ended up breaking up with him cause hes immature, hell hes only 12, what did she want.

yea I know Im hard on him, but thats from me coming from a family where both of my sisters have had thier own kids before 16.

But yea I know, hes probably already sneaking around, thats if he is as good at it as I was, lol.


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I'm missing something here.. What in the hell is a six year old doing on facebook..Where are there parents..The last I heard you have to be seventeen to open an account on facebook..Elementary school is for playing, Junior high school is for haveing crushes, and high school is for establishing relationships..Things are getting out of hand..


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I'm pretty sure it's 13 to start a FB account, but I don't really know. the whole 'select your age' is bullshit, because anyone with half a brain simply clicks anything with '198-' in it(therefor making it at least 20). it's funny how they never thought of people lieing over the internet, LOL.

a six year old on facebook is pretty sad though, like what the hell would they even do on FB??? wat would they honestly 'chat' about to what ever friends they have over the internet?? my youngest sister only plays games on the net, like crappy flash games lol XD. I myself have nothing to talk to people about over FB :|


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I went to a gangsta school in 6th grade. Not too long ago. I'm in my twenties. They basically had sex, dressed in skimpy outfits, and tried to seem cool by watching MTV. It was such a big pain in the butt. None of them believed me when I said the boy band thing was a fad either. They were too buys imitating Britney and N-Sync.
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