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    just sick to death of the fights and nagging and whining and defiance and demanding and all the rude snotty sloppy destructive disobedient disrespectful shit I put up with from my one teenager!!!:mad::sad::mad::sad: No appreciation for what I do and what I allow (I'm too lax) only complaining about my perceived faults and failings. am ready to put a bullet thru my head right now just to end this shit but for my animals, who depend on me to live...

    sick sick sick of it all and facing THREE MORE YEARS of this crap! I don't know if I can stand it. I'm not at my best lately and the little brat knows my weaknesses and exploits them to her advantage.:mad: If it weren't for the other teenager - more grateful, less hateful - I'd run screaming from the house and not come back.

    in my next life I'm not having ANY kids! only animals to give my heart to as they don't take your heart and rip it in little bloody pieces and laugh in your face about it.
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    :hug: :hug: :hug: Can sooooo relate to that!!! Cept my kid is 23years old :mad: (make that 23 going on 2).