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My fiancee of almost 5 years left me two weeks ago and the only reason she could give me is depression. I've been considering suicide but my sons 2nd birthday was yesterday and I don't want it too close to his birthday. Two nights ago I actually sat down to write letters to my children to try and explain what im planning and why. I broke down into tears and wasn't able to write them. Im still having the thoughts but am second guessing trying to explain it to my children. Im hanging on a fine line of hope right now and waiting for mutual friends to find out if the breakup is permanent... im just so lost hanging in the balance..


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Hi Jer!

I'd like to personally welcome you to SuicideForum. :hug:

With hope for you and your fiancee reconciling your relationship,



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I'm sorry you're hurting so much, but I'm glad you're finding the strength to hold on. I hope you can keep fighting the suicidal thoughts, because your kids need you in their life no matter what happens between you and your fiance.


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Very sorry to hear the pain you've been through... please know I'm here if you would like to talk.

Welcome to the community. <3
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