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Kill me. Please. Death is inevitable anyhow...

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Kill me. Please do. I beg you! I don't have the strength to do it myself...
Life is empty...(as if you haven't already heard all this before)
I'm drowning in guilt and sorrow...and there isn't anybody to help.
I welcome pain. Really do. I deserve it...
Damnit all!
Can't stop cutting...like watching the blood flow...
Need to cover it all up though...
I wish I could be who I really was to the outside world...
Nobody there knows my pain...
My friends all bail on me...
I just want to die...
Somebody just kill me...

Goethe was right...the more one learns, the more one knows nothing. I just want my misery to end...


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I'm your friend and I will never bail on you
I'm not going to tell you to stop cutting because I'm not much better even though I'm going to stop *hopefully I can if not I tried*
mabey no one here knows your pain but everyone here has had some type of pain and some even worse than anyone can imagine. I know you feel like you deserve pain and I know the feeling I deserve death.
But just hang in there for a little more you've helped me out so now I'm going to try and help you
I hope you feel better and remember to call me whenever if you want to talk and you can talk to me about anything.
:hug: *and if I don't make sense sry*


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Well an asshole quote would be "Love life or hate it we all die anyway".

But I am not feeling like that much of an asshole. I am terrified of being who I really am on the inside on the outside. In a way we are all terrified of it. So most people create an outside persona and force it in. Those of us who are intellegent and worth keeping around do not do this because we know it will only lead to pain.

True nature will take us all eventually. But if we are still around that means that we are supposed to be. Nature will take you when your time is right. not any sooner, asking will not help either. Just be patient ok.
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