Kill Them and Kill Them Now!

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    i want to kill my parents or die my self i want to just dissapear!
    i can't stop tears falling down my face and they yell more about me not feeling sorry for them. luckily they haven't hit me!

    i want to cut myself, drown myself, take a overdose anything!!!!
    mostly i want to cut myself so i can see that fucking crimson fall off my body so i can have time to smile as my life slowly ebbs away!
    god i hate them hate them so fucking badly!! they don't know how much i hate them! i can not express my feelings in my house if i do they take my emotions to the extreme and tell me off again. if i survive i am going to loose contact with them if i get my job i want in the RAF. they have gone out but i can still hear their words they telling me that i have no right to be upset because of life but i should be upset for them as they have to tell me off, upset that they have to spend unnessicary time to yell. maybe i should take that vodka i got stored away? kill myself?
    hmm...might not as i am babysitting my little bro and don'#t want him seeing, i will proberly just cut myself up a little, but maybe go for the places it hurts more. *sigh* i wish i was dead, to die will be a good thing, but i don't deserve anything good my parents said so.
    another point they give me lots of material things but if i need something other than something which costs money off them they freak out and start yelling again. i can ask for money everyday but i can't ask permisson to go camping, can't ask for their help on coursework, can't ask just for a talk, can't share secrets with them, can't share my emotions meaning i can't say i love them anymore. they don't care i have been stressed out at skool, that i have just finished my science GCSE, or that i have more coming up, coursework overdue, and teachers yelling at me also. i give up...
    AHHH now my brother is yelling at me something to do with making dad and mum angry! i am a outcast in this house! just because i don't want to do the things they do and follow in their footsteps, i hate them all, hate them so much.
    here me now what ever God there is (if one) i wish my parents will get hit by a bus and die in their car or get shot somewhere as i won't be upset as i have been through killing them myself alot in my mind and my heart is cold and empty. so God kill them and make them suffer, like i have suffered under their physical and verbal abuse over the past years.

  2. BlackPegasus

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    Please don't cut! It must be terrible that your parents aren't there for you in the ways you need them. I'm really sorry they are not being very supportive. You have us to talk to though. I know it's not the same as having parents there for you but we are here none the less. :hug:
  3. Light_In_The_Dark

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    :hug: Stay safe and strong! And dont cut!