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    Is it just me or do other people on here ever think that we should all be put out of our misery, alot of us come on here moan, whinge, complain wanting to die take our lifes etc. While out in the world there are people that are dying that want to live, problems that are much worse than we imagine starvation people dying in wars. Is it just me who feels guilty about wanting to die when so many people want to live and yet they die. I dont mean to offend anyone because i know peoples individuals problems are a huge deal to them, if problems were'nt a big deal i guess i would'nt be on here.
    I guess i sometimes feel guilty wishing for death when other people want to live so badly at the moment i cant imagine what that would feel like. Asking for death makes me feel even guiltier especially when some people want to live.
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    Yeah. I get that guilt too...

    It's never truly justified, though.

    Besides the people that might be dealing with both, it simply isn't a fair comparison. They are two separate things. In one scenario, the person's dying on the outside. In the other scenario, they're dying on the inside.

    I remember being in the hospital after I had broken my leg, and the door was open, and there was a girl walking down the hall with her mother treading close behind. Her mother kept saying, "There are people in here with real problems, and you're in here trying to kill yourself." That was years ago. I was barely ten. And yet that echoes in my mind as if I were standing on a mountain-top.

    People dying/sick/unfortunate that don't want to die are understood, are listened to. Their problems are more tangible. Their agony is more visible.

    But, when you're suicidal, few will understand. Not many will really listen to you. Not many will say "oh, poor thing. I wish I could do something to help." Not many would be willing to donate money to charities for suicidal people or people with genuine mental/emotional problems. Not many will be able to empathize. Not many will assure you that, even if what you're going through isn't directly visible, you're supported and protected.
    Some will, but not many.

    When suicides feel suffocated, it's chalked up to us being weak or inappreciative. It's "get over it, at least you have your health," "Deal, you aren't starving to death," "What? Abuse? Grief? Financial problems? Bullying? That type of thing has happened to others before, and they got through it just fine," "It's not normal to feel like that all the time. Snap out of it. Suck it up."

    Suicides aren't treated with the patience that those not wanting to die are. Instead, a lot of us just get condemned for being ungrateful. And that makes the isolation of being suicidal even more isolating.

    That's not to say the guilt of what you mentioned doesn't perpetually reside in the pit of my stomach. :sad:
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    Mental illness is an illness the same as any other... it's just societal perception that makes us feel that we're all just feeling sorry for ourselves, or have a choice about how we feel. I don't have suicidal feelings because I want them... I'm not doing this for a laugh! I have an illness which one day might kill me in the same way as someone with cancer has an illness which might kill them. And yet, we both might survive, with treatment. Doesn't make them any more worthy of sympathy than us.