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KIlled meself today...didnt work at all

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Ok so today there was this time when i wanted to to kill myself. so i said to meslef, 'what can i do?'. I thought of one thing. <Mod Edit: Abacus21 - methods> I was so close to doing this. So close i cont even understand why i did not do this because i was so close. Oh my. Why did i not? So i think that i will try agen tomorrow afternoon. Thoughts?

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Why is it you want to die? Really ask yourself this. I have been thinking all week that I wish I could kill myself. But just now I realized, not only do I not have a reason to live, but I don't have a reason to die either. At least I have the ability for things to get better if I am still alive. If I'm dead, there is no chance of improvement.
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