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Kind of confused,

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Actually im doing fairly well atm. Not sure why i feel the need to keep my prescription meds (strong sleeping meds) that ive collected and i am still collecting. Cant sleep, but what keeps me from taking them is that i want to make sure ive enough to go when i really crash. Just not sure if it is going to take me 12, 16 or 24 hours to go when i take them all,cant find any online info on that. Once before i had taken enough that should have killed a horse, all it brought me was a 4 week long come. Dont want to go though that again:mellow: Anyways, what do you think about that? Dont want to trash them, keep buying them in the big fear i crash big times again. This is really the first time for years i havent been in a hospital for months and everything looks quite good :) Thanks for your input
:hug: Beret


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Hi Beret, very glad that you are doing better atm. :smile:
Thats a good reason not to OD you never will know if you have enough!
I think now would be a very good time to consider disposing of your stash.
You can take them to your local chemist/pharmacy and they will dispose of them safely for you or you could give them to your nurse or doctor.
I did this some time ago along with another member of SF and I am sure I at least am in a much safer position now, will let the other member speak for herself. :tongue:

:hug: Hazel xx


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Yea, strangly im doing great atm :biggrin: . But no no no i wont get rid of them. Actually ive found once how much should kill you and ive double. So lonely here in Barcelona with no friends, so it just can be a matter of time i crash again big times :sad: . And honestly even so my boyfriend and my family will miss me for a bit, they forget.. on top of that my bfriend is in LA :sad:


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Beret hun, get rid of them.

Things can get bad..oh boy can they..but they can also improve.

I know what it is to be lonely, stuck down here in the wilds of Wales lucky if I see anyone twice a week. But you know it won't last forever.

Get rid of the temptation before you do something you can't take back. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Aww Beret :hug:

Please get rid of them :) - you know where I am and you've got my number if you ever need to speak to someone :)

If you ever feel close to doing anything, you know what to do - RING ME!! :hug:

Take care hun

Here for ya always :)



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Sorry you're feeling so bad Beret, but echo Hazel and Joe... you should get rid of them (ahem, getting that pot and kettle feeling!!). I know when I took a huge OD (another horse killing amount), they just knocked me out for a few days so you can never be sure with an OD and always run the risk of doing serious damage and NOT dying! Hope you can get rid of them.

ps Hazel :nono: :zipped:


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Hun im not feeling bad. Other than having a bad cold *ill and feel like crap everything seems to go very well atm. im going to uni, having sometimes fun, even so i dont talk to anyone, but i like what im doing. i dont feel awful, im just waiting for the moment to crash again, when i cant keep on going faking a smile. cuz even so im doing great, im waiting for a new computer to get here, my family is very nice to me; still im waiting for the moment to crash cuz i dont believe its reality whats going on right know :( thats why i am confused :(
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