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  1. sadhart

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    So I sort of had a job interview today. It was nothing big...just a three day thing for a holiday fair. They said they will let me know by 5pm today and that's fine. My cousin, the one who I rely on to take me there if I get the job complained that they should have told me whether I got it or not right then and there. She does this crap all the time; she has little to no knowledge of something that I am trying to do in my life, and wants me to see it from her narrow minded point of view.

    It is really discouraging because if I get the chance to work for the next three days, and she doesn't want me to work, I'm not sure if I can find anyone else to take me. It just makes me mad that she acts that way....she does it with jobs, where I want to go to school, even what I wear sometimes, and it is overbearing and hard. I just hope that she will be supportive if I do get a chance.

    Sorry if that didn't make complete sense.
  2. total eclipse

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    I do hope you get the chance to work hun as it will look good on your next resume i do hope she supports you you deserve that support hun hugs
  3. Petal

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    Explain to her that you'd like her to support you a little more. She probably doesn't understand how're your feeling about the whole thing :hug:
  4. sadhart

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    I wish it were that easy, but it's not. one time, she expected me to quit a job I already had because it was "too far" and really it wasn't and I was working every other week with a week off. She just expected me to quit and go back to filling out applications like that was a better option.

    I hate to say this, but I doubt they will even hire me for the holiday fair.....that would be disappointing, but at least I can avoid my cousin and any possible crap she may pull.
  5. Brandt

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    Do you any type of public transportation like a bus or cab? I'm without a car myself and hate the thought of having to get on the bus or waste cash on a cab, but if there was no other way of getting to an interview/job I would do what was necessary to get there.
  6. sadhart

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    No, we don't have public transpotation....I don't mind going that route if it were available. It doesn't matter though because they never called. I want to be angry at them, but they didn't do anything wrong. They chose the person they felt was better.