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  1. Sun_Sempai

    Sun_Sempai Well-Known Member

    Hear me out:
    I'm walking to lunch and I pass her with her boyfriend and I say "Hey!" and she says "Hey" back.
    Her boyfriend asks her "Who was that?" and she answers "She rides my bus"I walk to lunch thinking "Hey maybe we can be friends!" (this is Tuesday)
    Wednesday: I walk to lunch again like normal and say "Hey!' again and she does the same, the difference was that afternoon on the bus we where waiting for the middle school kids and I asked her if that guy was her boyfriend she said yes. Then I said "Awe.. sorry I interrupted your lovey-dovey time." and she said "You're good" so I thought nothing of it for the rest of the bus-ride. ( I wasn't being mean, racist or anything.. I was trying to make friends!
    Today: I got on the bus and she was telling a boy about what all I had said in a taunting kinda way, he said nothing. Instantly I thought what did I say wrong? What did I do wrong? I thought she'd be over it... wrong (and who knows who else she told) this afternoon she was telling another young man (older than the other boy) and when he heard the story he laughed What am I gonna do?

    She's not the kind I hang out with. I just want to try to make the world a better place..

    A summary of what she's like: (this is just in-case you think she's no good to be talking with in the first place)
    - Does Drugs (I heard her and her sibling talking about it)
    - Smokes weed and cigarettes
    - Has a baby
    - Has a lot of friends (That also means enemies)
    - Dates African Americans (That's a really fast growing trend I see in my school)
    - Attached to cell-phone
    - Wears make-up
    - Likes to talk about everything (One of those girls who would talk about their best friends)
    - Has braces
    - Really thin
    - Tall
    - Brunette
    - Not afraid to talk her mind
    - Listens to rap
    - Parties on the weekend
    Like any other teen really.

    Any advice would help tremendously.. and just to add I have not done anything wrong to her, never talked bad about her, never stole anything etc.
    Thank you all!
  2. Much afraid

    Much afraid Well-Known Member

    Hi Pale_Mist ~ I'm not really good at the social thing - especially irl - so I'm impressed by anyone willing to risk eye contact and/or speaking to anyone they don't know well. :). I'm also waaaaayyyy beyond school age so I may be COMPLETELY out to lunch by today's social standards.

    I don't want to judge; sounds like she's maybe lived/living a hard life and guessing the drugs are a way to escape it. If you like her, keep talking as the opportunity presents itself. You may even have the chance to ask her why the conversations about your conversation if you get to know her at all.

    Don't know if that helps any...I think you should feel good that you at least gave it a shot. :D
  3. Sun_Sempai

    Sun_Sempai Well-Known Member

    Well thank you for you honest opinion it helped clear my thoughts tremendously!
    I had to muster enough strength to say anything to her.. now that I have some thing to go on I can tackle tomorrow head on with courage.
  4. skinnylove911

    skinnylove911 Well-Known Member

    if you like her why don't you strike up a conversation with her, but obviously dont join in the drug taking an smoking weed and you neer know she may need someone to get her off the that lifestyle.
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