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Kinda freaking...

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I don't know what to do about the debts that I have. It's not major but it's more than manageable for me. It's around £9000. Which I know is not massive and there are people in a lot more debt than me. I can't control what I spend and it worries me. I don't seem to be able to budget. If I have money I just want to go and blow it and go shopping. Buy nice things for me like new clothes, having my hair done and things that make me feel nice. I like having new things and went I get the money through I can't control what I do with it.

I have got in to a bad state with debts this month also. I got a pay day loan x 2 and I can't clear it. It is due next week but I know I can't afford to pay it off as will be about £700 that I need to pay out in one go. I have had to cancel my bank card so they can't take the payment next week.

I have enquired about a debt relief order which will cost £90 but they said because there is reasonably new debt with these payday loans they could turn it down saying I took them out with no intention of paying it back. The thing is when I took them out my head wasn't in the right place. So the DRO people are saying there is a chance it could be declined. She said I should not pay them and wait a couple of months to process it so that it doesn't look like I have taken it out with no intention of paying them.

It's getting me in to a bit of a state worrying about it all. I have bad credit so it's not even as though I can get a consolidation loan to clear everything.

It's making the thoughts come on really strong and the self harm is worse because I don't feel as though I can cope.


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It does seem money issues arise when we are feeling our worse...I have been there and know how much stress this can cause...you are very resourceful and I am sure you will work this out...J


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Are yoou bipolar?? It sounds like the manic side of the disease is takeing over..You should see your pdoc..Tell her/him about the spending..


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I've not been diagnosed. They are saying there are PD traits but that is it. Not been diagnosed with anything. I have considered if it is that. But I know how much they hate self diagnosers and people taking advice from Dr Google. I have written about it in my blog and you will get a better idea of what I mean. xx


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If your not working at the moment you obviously know a bit about the benefit system. If out of work its easy to make a payment plan with a bank or whoever is calling in debts. You get advisor's who do this and your £9000 is really nothing to worry about. Your one of the 'lucky ones' as some people accumulate tens of thousands of debt.

£9000 could be cleared in a couple of years once your back on your feet. You might pay it quicker depending on how things turn out. There are lots of well paid jobs in your field - more so if you trained up and maybe got into something less intensive as working in a psych unit.

You could take the route of getting diagnosed, but how accurate is this likely to be anyway? I guess its like going to a dentist - one tells you 3 fillings, another that all is well just need a polish, some one filling, some two, the odd one mentions extraction.

Good luck.

I'm thankful it costs nothing to look after my hair. Shampoo, a comb, electric trimmer with the various settings. Costs £6 at the barbers for a basic trim - over £150 per year.

I admit, this advice is not exactly for woman - unless you turn Hare Krishna.


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Huh. I follow the threads of all these people from the UK, and I'm amazed at the things I learn. Amazing, the contrast between the UK and the US.

I think I've said this before in another thread, so please forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but a diagnosis really isn't that important. Doctors look at symptoms, not diagnoses, when they're deciding how to treat a patient.

Plus, I mean, PLG is right on. Different doctors diagnose you with freaking everything.

The only diagnosis I acknowledge for myself is manic-depression with psychotic features. I'm on the fence about the personality disorder one once gave me, which was Avoidant PD with Borderline features.

Ah, and my therapist diagnosed me with OCD. And I got Borderline PD at a psychiatric hospital. But I was pretty much asking for it with the way I was acting around the staff.
can you work this summer between semesters? that should help pay some of it back. please don't self harm. you don't deserve it. only kindness to you!


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I only get 3weeks off over the summer. Also i don't think i am in the right place to be working on psych wards at the moment. I'll be hard pushed to find admin job as not had experience in that area in a couple of years. With the job market the way it is i'm stuffed. I can't claim any benefits as i'm classed as a student so not entitled to anything. I am wondering if i should try the dla route but not sure if i'm eligible. And with not having a diagnosis i think it will be impossible. X


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Hmmm GP. My dad has been through a lot of debt himself the past few years. I forget what it's called. There's like, companies out there who can sort and write off some of your debt for you. You do have to pay them an amount but as yours is £9000 it shouldn't be more than you can afford, as long as you don't overspend. I will ask my dad about this later. Hope this helps and hope it's an option you can look into.

Don't worry, money is materialistic. This is a problem that can be sorted. You can cope with this. You have done the right thing in confiding in us. Will find out the name and details of the company thing I am talking about.

Keep your head up hun x
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