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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by jigman, Aug 30, 2007.

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    jus a day ago (this mourning)i was at breakin point..wasnt guna do da deed then..jus was thinkin bout it way too much..different scenarios an now am givin otha people advice coz i dont want them to do i kinda jus repeating wot people hav sed to me or wot ive realized..i kinda kno deep down..i wont do anything..but i feel tat bad i convince myself that i wud.. but ye..suicide is jus nt an option..its stupidity..i may nt hav the normal life i wud desire..but i may do in the future...jus gota hav hope..we all feel so similar..nearly all the posts ive read hav been similar aspects of hurt an depression..whether it a wish for the love story wiv the girl/boy of ur dreams..or family events ,abuse, an jus general unhapiness wiv are lives..u jus got to look towards a goal or a hope of wot u want in future...u may make the family u neva had..wiv a loving partner..imagine wot gud u can do..i think just talkin on this is a great the people who reply are helping people realize potensial an other ways forward...
    check out me turning into a preacher...i just wanna thank the people who achually read these an respond an share realy does mean alot
    i been feelin great for 20mins atleast...despite another terible work day..mite meet girl of me dreams tomoro..or win the lottery hehe..thanks alot peeps:biggrin:

    sory if am chatting realy jus talkin bout my nt putin everyone in same boat..i jus saw one post who attempted to commit suicide at 8yrs to me...tis is a i jus hav to take a step bac coz how can i compare me thinkin for a few days of each yr i wanna end my life..wiv someone like that..gudlook i hope im nt bein to iliterate
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    Good thinkin man
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