Kindness of strangers

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  1. Things

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    I'm not sure if this really, I don't know, significant enough to post, but I kind of wanted to share here. I hope it's appropriate.

    Several months ago, I was on one of my daily walks. I ended up tripping and scraping my hands and knees pretty bad. I couldn't get up for several minutes because my hands stung too much (I kind of propped my self up with my wrists).

    Eventually a car drove by and stopped next to me after I started getting up. There were three women and they asked me if I was alright. I told them that I tripped and showed them my hands. They gave me band-aids and some kind of anti-infection cream. They offered me a ride home, but I declined (they seemed nice, but I refuse to go into a stranger's car).

    It was a painful walk, but I felt better. My grandma helped me clean up my wounds and got bandaged up. I don't leave my neighborhood, so it wasn't that long of a walk back home.

    Sure, they didn't save my life or anything, but I'm still very grateful. I still feel happy thinking back on it.
  2. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    I love to hear stories of human kindness like this...just shows you not all people are self absorbed out there doesn't it..hope you are on the mend and thanks for sharing you adventure and the kindness of strangers with us all.
    Love Bambi
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