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  1. I’ve felt no greater fear
    Than the anemic face of one so dear
    Ripe of ten shy of eleven
    In the Hebrew year of 5757

    A home broken, puzzles asunder
    All thanks to some genomic blunder
    Untied shoes by the door
    In the year of 1984

    I knew no greater dread
    Than that year your smile turned to ****
    Perdition, River Styx
    In the year of 1976

    Needle point, make a mistake
    It was your heart he chose to break
    I gave him my lot in heaven
    In the year of 1997

    You ask me why
    I’ve surrendered, chosen to die
    To appease the fears
    Of these appalling years

    I fucking hate this poem
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    awesome poem hun :hug:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.