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Kitchen disaster

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Kitchen Distaster..or I how I should not attempt to cook while feeling vague!!

Ok goes to kitchen to prepare dinner.

Arrives at kitchen to find sink full of dirty dishes...son decided to cook in the dead of night and has left them as a pressie for me :dry:

Rolls up sleeves and scythes into washing up. Have washed a particularly sharp knife and left it sticking up (blade toward me) in the drainer. Moves arm to place plate in drainer and cuts arm on blade. :unsure:

Mopes up mess of arm and goes to flambe the chicken..pours in brandy..set it alight..whoosh..NO MORE FRINGE :mad:

Drain potatoes..piece riccochets off, hits arm, leaves nice blister in its path.

Makes coffee to try to calm down..forget its hot = burnt mouth :tongue:

Storms upstairs (fed up with whole thing) feel something wet and warm squige up between me toes. Look down and cat has left nice warm smelly turd on carpet (he's old he dont always make it to the cat tray), get whiff of turd between toes and promptly throw up.:puke:

Son ambles out of bedroom and goes "oh what ya doing..you better clean that lot up it smells bad."

So there I am Mrs no fringe, cut arm, burnt mouth, blister on wrist, shit between me toes and covered in puke:blink:

Seriously considering homicide of only child and strangling of cat. Prison would be a holiday after this little lot. :laugh:

BTW: how was your day. :ohmy:


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Sounds like my house, minus the no-fringe burning-thing... I usually wake up to a house that looks like it's been vandalized. I haven't the desire to clean it up most times, so I just walk around it. Yuck.



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I get worse :laugh: Went to put the left overs out for the birds, slipped on the wet grass, pinwheeled me arms and did a back flip (ready for the olympics me)
landing on me arse on the patio. Not sure whats more bruised me bum or me ego :laugh: :laugh:
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool sorry im seriously cracking up after reading that! :rofl:

bring on 2012!!!! ima go see Terry in the olympics! woot woot! :laugh:
Aww poor Terry. Although it was a bit funny how you worded it, but sounds not quite too fun, I've had those type of days, and they can't end quick enough for me. lololol :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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