Kitchen Knives (Triggering)

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by wallflower, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. wallflower

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    I want your blood to be the heart
    Spread across these yellow walls
    Like lipstick and sugar melting down
    And I'm a sociopath sociopath sociopath now

    Can't hold it in, violent silken thighs
    Wouldn't love to fuck, to hold her tight
    And this is my mind- no it's my mind
    Not your mind
    You will pass
    You must accept this.
    You must accept this.

    And the train is driving me to it
    And the world is whispering
    Until it feels beautiful.
    And they're laughing, laughing laughing!

    And the art of human waste is beautiful
    And we're just sitting in our chairs and watching
    The tv shows, because this is just what I figured it would be
    I want your suicide to be an act of freedom

    Like a singer, like a dancer
    I want you to see me in the wind
    Carried like your mother
    Tears wont sparkle nor shine like you in mine

    And when it kills her
    And she is sorry, sorry, sorry
    I want to show you what confusion is
    Domination and pride for her

    And it hurt
    And it hurt
    We're all perfected.

    You will go
    You will pass on
    But I will swallow all these knives
    And choke myself from the inside out

    Because I have a reason to leave you
    Stranded, God, because you are so perfected...
    because you made me stand there
    And in my honesty, I think I've confused love
    With our kitchen knives.
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