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Kitty don’t know what to do 🥺


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My friend Marsha is living in another country, we were old college buddy with different major back then. Ever since I moved back, its not that I don’t appreciate it but it worries me that she only depends her friendship only on me. Its true, I’m not making this up, she rants to me everyday which I don’t mind. She’s struggling to get a secure job but doing so well with commission work though and living with her parents, somewhat like me. She’s introvert, I don’t know how but I think I just click with everybody. She’s been feeling quite lonely and her parents been pressuring her to socialise but how? but Kitty can’t be there for her everyday too, kitty don’t know how to help her. 🥺


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i think the only way to help her is be her friend. try to understand her and give her any advice that you can. if she's an introvert try to get her interested in socializing in small groups if possible. and if you can't try to convince her to get help for her social anxiety or whatever is causing her to be an introvert. like i said just be her friend...grandpa....*shake*hug

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