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Kitty happy again 😺


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My thoughts are always loud cause I have adhd but thats manageable now, I just always feel like I have the needs to shout from the summit. I am happy and manageable either way like my therapist told me “if I do many relaxing hobbies and that satisfy me is okay,” so I have been applying that thought to like “so then if I stick to short hours jobs like part time and freelancing makes me happy is fine rather than I can’t commit to full time and it doesn’t effect my medical appointments. I mean, I’d have creative work done either way and if I have less specialist to see, then maybe my mindset will change to wanting to work full time like after getting use to it.”

Idky I can’t be alone and always need to have positive surroundings then I’ll behave and my mental health will be well. Whens can I learn to be alone either way?

Every thing feels so back on track atm. 😺

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