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Ideas & Opinions Kitty wants to work 🥺


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I’m quite in a dilemma. My plan for next year is that I want to start working part time to get comfortable to full time.

Oh trust me, I already have plenty of job openings and offers for me. :D

My PCOS management and other medical schedule is still quite a lot for next year, I am no where near “stable” for my health overall yet and I am certain if I work and I keep asking lots of MC’s, I can get fired as well and that got me to wonder if I should just stick to pursuing online business and sacrifice my part time work but I still want part time too for stable income for myself, I wish. Online biz is slow as fuck.

However.... Theres really no harm, my parents lets me do that yet I hate to be dependant on them for financial support and I can always go straight to full time when I recover fully or at least less specialists to see. There’ll be consequences though, some of it, I have to accept the risk that I’m aware, being at this state there is going to have some fights with them.

Deep down i still want to work. 🥺


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I keep asking lots of MC’s, I can get fired as well
What's an MC? A medical leave of absence?

If I understand correctly that you are debating between working your current job, or working on an online business.. have you already started the online business, but it's slow? Or you haven't launched one yet?


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yea been fighting and begging my family to have my health comes first and they finally give me blessings for it. as much as i want a stable income, it will be so risky and i am under lots of meds 🥺


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and at this case it reminds me that Im also inspired by @Aurelia cause she does her college online too. yay online buddies. :D

also then i hope when I have less specialists to see or less treatments ( because my meds have to be monitored, not just mh) then I can always return back to work.

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