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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by sadiemae22, Nov 23, 2010.

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  1. sadiemae22

    sadiemae22 Member

    i went to see my psychiatrist on wed.
    after a very bad session i ended up in the bathroom of the hospital on my own struggling to breathe.
    i ended up having a miscarriage. i am devistated. the last reason i had left is gone.
    what really completes it is that i rang someone i thought was a good friend and asked her to help. to come and bring me home. she said she was in work and couldn't. i later found out she went to the cinema.

    i can't go on.
    i don't think i want to. there is nothing to try for
  2. All these mixed emotions

    All these mixed emotions Well-Known Member


    Thats like... really terrible whats happened... Dont blame yourself for the miscarriage atleast, it can happen to everyone...

    And what can I say? Therapy can sometimes be a epic fail and friends to...

    To keep this short, what about your boyfriend? And how old are you?

    There must be something in these dark times that you want or can change?


  3. loser

    loser Well-Known Member

    Not hard to understand why you feel you cannot go on. You got let down by a bad psychiatrist, you had a miscarriage - which is a major stressful event and your best friend lets you down when you really need her. Yes, it would be surprising if you did not feel distressed and bitter. What is there to try for? Take a small step in what ever project or task you can think of. Just think small steps. Whatever gives you a sense of being in control. Just focus on doing little things that need to be done so you work through it.
  4. sadiemae22

    sadiemae22 Member

    thank you to everyone who replied.

    in answer my boyfriend has tried to be supportive. it was him who ended up leaving work to come and get me.
    but he is bad when it comes to really talking about things like this so things have been a bit strange lately. which makes it worse.

    i'm 25 and had never thought i wanted children. but when we found out i was pregnant i was happy..well happy as i can get. which is happier than i have been in a long time. i know the timing was all wrong and realistically i have a long way to go before having kids had felt right.. and i never thought i'd hear myself saying that.
    i had made plans for it....god what do i do now? how do i continue?

    its like having your heart broken and mourning at the same time :(
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