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Knowing you should be thankfull, but still just miserable?

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From time to time as I am leaving my house I drive by a house and I see a handicapped man in a wheel chair, and I think to myself that my life is not as bad as it seems. But the other 90% of time I am just completely miserable and depressed. Hating myself and everything.

I know I should be thankfull, and I know other people are worse off than I am, but still I am just miserable and unhappy.

Does anyone know what I am talking about or even feel the same way?

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Yes, I do. It makes me feel ashamed. Compared to many, at least before my attempt landed me in a wheelchair when I already had diabetes, my life was not so bad. There was no rape, no abuse, no living in the streets, no estrangements with family, no drug or alcohol addictions, but I had attempted to take my own life because I was depressed, felt unwanted and uninteresting, a social outcast that was occasionally picked on, and with diabetes (which can lead to higher rates of depression, girls especially).

When I look back on my previous reasons I feel partially ashamed because of the true raw deals other people have been suffering under, partially because of my depression was real and valid. Compared to other people's situations on this forum and my situation - medical -, the difficulties I faced before my attempt seem like nothing. When I look back on what I had and what I lost, I regret attempting and, as a consequence, getting my spine broken.
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Is my first time in this forum.
I dont have a good English, and I say apologise, for this.
I search on google about suicide, because is 3 am, and I am still here, thinking in my life.
I was a member of one site, social with talk on my language, but still there, I am invisible, so I try here, because looks a good forum, and I wanna try say somethings.
At once, SORRY alot for my bad english, please do not say bad things about my bad English, I know it is a very very bad, maybe I can learn talking, with this forum.

I understand what You say about a miserable life, is how i feel, so lone, but more than this, I feel that I am in other planet, in mute canal, and I say, sorry because I live.

Is 3 am, I get alot pictures of suicide on internet, I think about this, and think if here, inside me, have a chance to get out, to put away the pain, despair, hate and frustration.
If all the rest of world, live, and try do things about life, why I am a loser, or why I am a miserable, same if have persons, that have conditions so bad than me.

I put all U 2 write in google tradutor for understand better... for help me to understand.

I wanna say that the pain of depression no give to us the chance for make goods choices, I know that the bad can be more bad, is one certain, but the times I feel so despair, so but sometimes I feel so miserable, so destroyed that not even think that things can get worse, stop me from longing for death, even looking to the side and realizing that there are people in worse situations, or how I should mirror and humanize me, and face life ... I still fall into contradiction, and let me fall in pain ...

Sometimes it hurts inside me in a violent way, I cut myself, I destroy, I forget how there are so much worse situations than mine and at the hour of pain and just forget ... the pain is unbearable.
How to control one's ego destroyed and think about things that are an example of overcoming .....


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Hey Sedrul, Welcome to the forums!! Your english is fine.. I'm sorry to hear about all the pain your in.. Do you have phsyciatrists where you live?? Maybe you should see one to get yourself on meds.. Sometimes it takes several med changes before they find the right ones that work for you..Do you have anyone you can talk to about this?? A close friend or family?? Sometimes it helps just talking about it.. You always have us for support so keep posting..Take care!!


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Those nights are the hardest times, I find. There's nothing that can stop the feelings of hopelessness and despair. I usually crash, listening to depressing music.


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I feel this all the time. There is absolutely nothing bad with my life; I go to a good school, my parents are both still with us, I don't have any severe medical issues, but I can't help but want to make it end. I feel guilty for wanting this, but I can't help it.


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Ya but how does the fact that someone else has it better or worse change anything. You still feel the way you do.

I'm getting fed up with being told that I should be happy because there are many others who have it much worse.


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I totally understand. I'm thankful for what I have and I realize that I have it so much better than a good portion of the world. Yet I still want to die. It makes me feel quite defective, because I SHOULD be happy, I SHOULD enjoy all the comforts I have.
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