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    Knowledge can be a wonderful thing or it can be the one thing that destroys a person. I used to believe that one person could change the world, carry the world on their shoulders, possibly even make a big enough difference that things would change. Things such as murder, school shootings, thrid world countries at war with each other and other countries. I also believed that it was possible to save people who didnt want saving, I was wrong. All I can do is prolong the inevitable for that person. I asked someone a few years back if it was worth it for them, putting their heart on the line knowing from the beginning they would be burned, and burned bad. They simply responded, "having that knowledge up front gives me the determination to do what ever I can to change what is to come." I tried very diligently to live my life like that, full of determination and hope, knowing I might not make a difference. My freshman english teacher told me halfway through the semester that I was my own worst enemy and to be careful about sabotaging my own thinking. I have to admit I thought she was crazy, but now I know and understand what she means.

    All those things I believed to be true and always hope to be true, I now know to be fact. I have learned first hand that someone can make a difference. The only being able to prolong the inevitable for someone will always be the case, but not for the reasons I believed. For the sole reason that inevitably we will all die. Now I know some of you are like damn can she be any colder? It is not meant to sound cold, it is meant to sound truthful and hopefully give you the knowledge of what really is. Death exists, some just want to get there sooner than others. No one can change that persons thinking or mindset. But what you can do is help that person smile, laugh, enjoy the smallest of things in life. Just because I felt like all I was doing was prolonging this persons suffering, I can look now and see that in those moments, she still had the capability of smiling. Not all humanity was lost in her.

    I guess my point is we are all human, and all have our wants. Dont try and take those wants away from someone no matter how bad they are or how much you believe them to be wrong. Instead try and create moments for that person that become memorable and they can look back on in their darkest hour and find a glimmer of hope, from something you planted in their mind, just as my english teacher did for me. She gave me something priceless that day. She gave me the knowledge of knowing people care enough to say something even if they sound crazy. Please continue to share whatever knowledge you have no matter how crazy it sounds. Maybe one day the scale will tip in our favor, of those who care enough to speak up and those that dont.
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    I think wisdom is as important as is what one does with the knowledge that matters...all the best, J
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    Once again you astound me with the aged wisdom of such a young person. The depth that you care and love for those close to you is ever present in the words you so painstakingly share with others. You are one very amazing young lady Kelsey.