Known Issues January 24, 2016

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  1. NYJmpMaster

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    There are a lot of known issues right now with SF , all remaining as the result of an issue last Thursday night the required a fairly comprehensive rebuild of the entire Site. None of this is due to the upcoming planned site migration, but is however a contributing reason in why we are changing our hosting and server/server support in hopes to avoid future occurrences of such things.

    1. New Member registration is currently inactive/not available

    2. You must type to get to the site- the redirect that dshould occur if you tyope the adress without the www is not active.

    3. The best/most stable platform currently is the Vbulletin light blue and white theme. If oyu are on the purple and turquoise theme we recommend changing in the bottom left corner to vbulletin for better performance and for better access to chat.

    4. User name change is not currently available. Many "extra features" have been turned off temporarily.

    5. Chat glitches where conversation disappear or list of members chatting disappear on occasion.

    6. Having to sign in again when changing pages in the forum.

    7. Email notifications not working correctly

    While we deeply regret the inconvenience, it has been decided that further down time needed to correct these situation in the very few days before migration is more issue then the relatively minor inconveniences. At the migration a plan has been formed to correct all the errors utilizing a clean platform to move into as opposed to the extensive patches and fixes which would be needed to correct all of them on the existing base code. Aside form work/effort in doing it all manually is the potential for these manual fixes to cause issues with future updates or compatibility issues as they would be all custom fixes unique to this site. To reduce overall downtime and to prevent future issues we have decided not to attempt the fixes one at a time and to have all fixed at once later this week when the site migrates to the new server/hosting.

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
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  2. Moat

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    I feel I should also report one other thing with the chat - it does sometimes disappear entirely from the browser (in Chrome, at least) when refreshing the page or clicking on another Site link, if you are in the chat or not. It does reappear if you close the browser and reload the Site, however.
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I haven't had any issues with the site, but I wasn't able to access it since last night. It just said "www" where the site name should be, and there was a blank page, or one that you would get when you type an address wrong or it doesn't exist. Was this a sitewide problem or just at random?
  4. Moat

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    That also happened to me yesterday, about the same time it resolved itself when I put in the url and not just click on the bookmark, which had saved the site url as So ashamed it took me an hour to realise that!
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  5. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer and general weirdo

    Oh ok, I didn't even think to try that, haha. But I didn't type the whole URL in today and it went right to the site so that was weird.
  6. Butterfly

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    Has chat been removed again because it seems to have completely disappeared from my account? Or am I just going blind and it's been moved to a different place?
  7. Cicada 3301

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    I have it still Lexi. It's in the bottom right for me. Sometimes it doesn't appear for a little while when I first log on.
  8. Freya

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    If anyone is having issues using the site it is best to use it in Chrome I think - that seems to have the fewest issues. Chat should be there in Chrome on the Vbulletin theme.

    @Witty_Sarcasm the problem you were having is because you have to type in the www - if you are using an old link or bookmark that won't work.

    As Ben said, we are really sorry for the issues/inconvenience but we expect it to be rectified soon!
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  9. Zaheer

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  10. Moat

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    If you find the chat disappearing from your browser (like does with me occasionally) just log out from the site (maybe close your browser) and relog back in and it should reappear. Does not happen all that often, but it is a bit weird it does that, though with the Site troubles of late, I am not expecting the chat to function at 100% just now.
  11. Butterfly

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    It's okay. I managed to resolve the issue! I could only get chat to work on Chrome at first. I assumed chat wasn't back up as I had no chat bar on my mobile phone all weekend but had not logged into the site on my laptop. Chrome was the only browser after clearing cache and logging out that chat would work on. Then miraculously an hour later it was working on all my devices including my mobile. But, the good news is, chat works!!! :D
  12. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I do not see the arcade anymore has that been removed
  13. NYJmpMaster

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    We had to remove all plug ins (extras) so the people that make xenforo (the site platform) would troubleshoot the remaining issues. They said they could not do the things they needed to do unless was a bare platform to reconstruct corrupted code.

    The arcade will be put back up as soon as possible, hopefully within a week at most. I am really sorry for the many members that found it a fun and useful distraction.
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  14. total eclipse

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    Thanks for letting me know thought i screwed something up when i tried to debug my computer